This London Jock’s Packing 9 Inches Uncut.

He’s a 27 year-old personal trainer and massage therapist from London, who’s packing nine inches uncut beneath his lightly hairy, muscular torso. You can find him on Manhunt under the name Rugger86, though sadly, you can’t currently see any proof of his very large equipment.

That’s alright, though! Even if he were a couple inches under the claim in his profile, he’d still be quite a catch with those handsome features and, well, that body. I can’t speak for his personality or any other factors, but the only way you’ll find out (or see his huge penis) is if you head over here and start a conversation.

– Dewitt

See more of this extremely handsome, toned jock below:






Head over here to see more pics, view his full profile or send him a message.



9 thoughts on “This London Jock’s Packing 9 Inches Uncut.

  1. Damn! That underwear shot is HOT! But the face pic right above it…WOW. Fucking hot man. Of course I was hoping to see all 9 of those inches…real or “internet based”.

  2. Heh, I actually recognise this guy, talked to him a bit during my London trip in early November. He’s a canny bloke 🙂

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