The TOP Manhunt Daily Posts from 2015

Because who doesn’t like tops?


I’m not really one for hey remember earlier this same year?? countdowns like a lot of sites. You guys were all here in 2015. You know what you liked. But curiosity got the better of me and I did some googling to start to figure out what 2016 will look like, and I had the top content pulled up already, and well… here we go. It’s what you’d expect, and then not what you’d expect, and then the top post is TOTALLY not what you’d expect. Go see:













So! What can we glean from all of this? Here’s my breakdown and how it’s going to affect 2016:

You guys LOOOOVE incest. Holy shit. You also seem to enjoy hot white guys with a little bit of FTM curiosity in there for good measure (curiosity – fuck – it was the MOST VIEWED POST ALL YEAR). You’ve got a bit of Alencar in there for some monster cock action and Max Cameron for a bit of kink (he’s got an interview coming up in the next day or so! Watch out!). And I’m flattered to discover my own work in there towards the bottom of the pile!

I know it’s been an up and down ride here this year, and we all miss Dewitt. That guy knew how to get it done.  But I’m having some fun and really like the chance to share some dirty shit with you guys and talk about what we like in the comments. It’s a pretty cool gig.

If you have posts you loved this year (or stuff you totally hated) shout it out in the comments. I promise I read all of them, even if I don’t respond, and I wanna show y’all the stuff you wanna see.


– tyler


3 thoughts on “The TOP Manhunt Daily Posts from 2015

  1. Ok I’m just going to say this, I’m a gay man but I found those bonus hole vids intensely arousing. Since this was posted I’ve more and more noticed so many gergeous FTM men in the media, and I have to say that I’ve become very open to dating a FTM MAN.

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