The Top 10 Best Things That Happened At #MAL2015 (So Far)

In case you didn’t hear the first seventeen million times I mentioned it, I’m traveling in Washington, D.C. for Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride for someone who’s never thoroughly immersed himself in leather and fetish culture, but thanks to a few fine souls and our lovely Manhunt models, I’ve had a fantastic time adjusting to everything and attempting to not look like a total idiot!

And, well, since I am an award-winning blogger now, I’ve gone ahead and made a list (like bloggers do) with a few of my favorite moments so far. There are quite a few more I would have loved to include, so make sure you follow the Manhunt and Dewitt accounts to keep up with everything. You don’t want to miss a single second of this action.

– Dewitt

Check out my top ten highlights of #MAL2015 so far:




Can we talk about this beard for a second? I have always loved Tommy Defendi, but his thicker beard makes my taint tingle. Every time he opens his mouth to say a word, I want to just get down on the ground on all fours and present myself to him. He is twice as gorgeous in person. Trust me.




There is a very good chance that this man will be hypnotizing me later tonight. We reconnected on Twitter after meeting years and years ago, and I decided I would gladly sit in on a session with him for the sake of journalism. You’ll be hearing all about our session as soon as I arrive back.



Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackman with Cory Caaz

You might not know Cory Caaz‘s name yet, but something tells me you’re going to be very familiar in the near future. He has been a total rock star at our booth, chatting up everyone who stops by and never turning down a demand to get down on his knees (for a picture). I adore this boy so fucking much.



Alessandro Del Toro

This is an ass that doesn’t need Photoshop to look supremely luscious. The moment Alessandro Del Toro took off his pants, my jaw dropped to the floor… And if that booty isn’t enough for you, he’s also a really sweet guy with tons of great stories. I’m gonna pimp out Karsh or Lawrence to interview him soon, so he can share them with all of you.



Oscar Selfie

Okay, so it might not have as many people in it, but when our UK rep blurted out that this was like Ellen DeGeneres’ now-famous Oscar selfie, I had to latch onto that and roll with it. The guy in the top center was easily one of the most attractive people I’ve seen here so far, and I feel like such an idiot for being too shy to talk to him.



Dewitt harnessDewitt harnessDewitt harness

In my feeble attempt to track down Billy and Seth Santoro at the FM Leather booth, I got convinced to try on a few different harnesses by their lovely, lovely staff. Once they got me into the right one, I fell in love immediately and suddenly understood what all the fuss is about leather… I mean, honestly! I was ready to fuck someone’s brains out as soon as they had those buttons snapped (and maybe I will do such things later tonight).




Even though Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackman brought photos to autograph, some fans were eager for a little bit more. We had two extremely hot guys stop by and ask Dirk to sign their chests with a silver Sharpie. To make matters even more exciting, Jesse got down on his knees to scribble his signature onto one of their stomachs.


3. #BUTTS:

Cory Caaz and Alessandro Del Toro show their butts at MAL with Manhunt.

Imagine me trying to be professional in a booth with Cory Caaz and fucking Alessandro Del Toro. It was almost torture to not stick my tongue between both of those luscious pairs of cheeks, but alas, I am a true gentleman when it comes to business. Maybe once I’m off the clock I’ll get a few gropes in there.



Francois Sagat and Jesse Jackman

So, I literally died when Francois Sagat stopped by our booth to say hello to his buddy Jesse Jackman. The man is a fucking legend, and he was standing directly next to me! He may have even touched my arm, but I was so flabbergasted and shocked that he was in my presence.



Tommy Defendi and Deviant Otter at MAL 2015 in Washington, DC

“I’m about to get fucked.” <— These were the words that emerged out of Deviant Otter‘s mouth, as he passed by me in the hotel lobby just minutes ago with the one and only Tommy Defendi. I neglected to ask for details or inquire whether their encounter would appear on his site, but I will be standing in the hallway like an eager puppy listening for Deviant Otter’s moans and screams of pleasure.

If this scene is happening, it has potential to be one of Tommy’s kinkiest releases yet. Stay tuned for details! I will obviously be down on my knees begging for exclusive footage or pics (though I’d much rather be down on my knees joining in on the action).



16 thoughts on “The Top 10 Best Things That Happened At #MAL2015 (So Far)

  1. Dewitt God dammit, I wanted to me you, but you were off getting whipped somewhere, I am sorry we missed each other, but I met the Otter and just loved him.

  2. @Dewitt Life is too short! (take it from me) Go back and say hello. You might be surprised just how nice and approachable someone may be. 😉

  3. No, not happy about Tommy’s beard. He vaguely looks like one of snowwhite’s dwarfs (quite a feat for someone that tall)

  4. The thought of Tommy Defendi and Mr. D. Otter, esquire, together makes me feel stirrings of my nether yë.

  5. jesse jackman is aging really weird. needs to lose 20 lbs. w won’t be seeing much of him anymore.

  6. I need to appear at this event next year, whether for Manhunt or some other. Such exposure would do wonders for my career, I’m sure.

  7. Dewitt can we start calling you Daddy now maybe with some talking tips from Dirk? I think we also need to start a petition to see you do a scene with Deviant otter and don’t say nobody would want to see that because I know I am not the only who would love to watch that

  8. I am pretty sure I’ve stolen Dirk Caber’s entire demeanor and intonation without realizing it, but sadly, I will never be as intelligent and/or physically stunning as him.

    But, yes, please address me as “daddy” from this point forward. My dick would appreciate that.

    As for Deviant Otter? Hmm… Why are you assuming we haven’t already filmed a scene at MAL? I might be talking about Tommy Defendi just to throw you off the scent.

  9. I really hope that you did that scene because thinking about got me hard if not that has to be done soon

    You are a very smart, intelligent man and also fucking hot.

  10. Hmmm I was supposed to get a Manhunt jock like in #8, #7, and #3 for submitting a picture for #loveyourhole, I got an email from manhunt asking about my address, and then I never recieved the jock. Sent several emails to manhunt, all have been ignored, and one to Dewitt’s manhunt profile, which was sent weeks ago and still hasn’t been read. Thanks guys.

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