The Ten: Austin Wolf Lasts On Top

This was one of the closest races we’ve had on The Ten in quite some time. While Randy Blue model Austin Wolf continues to hold the title of “Sexiest Man of The Moment”, flawless physical specimen Darius Ferdynand was less than 20 votes away from snatching it. Alex Minsky, Sean Zevran and Buck Santiago weren’t too far behind him.

Poor Andrew Stark almost made the top five, but alas, you tossed him away into the losers’ circle along with Noah Donovan, Docdaddy, Paco and Spunk Worthy model Jake. (How dare you!) Their departure will make room for newcomers and returning contestants Julian Edelman, Nick Capra, Jackson, Angelo Antonio and Sebastian Kross.

For those of you who are just joining us, here’s how the game works! Each week, we’ll feature ten men to choose from. You can vote for as many contestants as you’d like, and only the five with the highest amount of votes will move on to the next round. The remaining five slots will be filled the following week by men who you’ve suggested, as well as a handful of attractive fellows selected by your favorite blogger. (That would be me.)

To keep things interesting, each participant will be retired after ten weeks on the charts. They have the opportunity of returning in the future, provided that they produce another hot video, photo shoot or anything worthy of a Manhunt Daily post.

Now let’s forget about the rules for a second and focus on what really matters–who should be on top next week? You have until next Wednesday to pick your favorite contestants, so hop to it and make your vote count!

– Dewitt

See pics of all ten contestants and cast your vote below:

In the grand tradition of ten words or less…


Austin Wolf.

1. AUSTIN WOLF (LW – 1, W9): Last round to vote! Send Austin out with a bang.


Darius Ferdynand

2. DARIUS FERDYNAND (LW – 3, W3): Could Darius become your new champion? Time will certainly tell.


Alex Minsky for Jack Adams

3. ALEX MINSKY (LW – 2, W5): The veteran and underwear model continues to rock the countdown.


Sean Zevran

4. SEAN ZEVRAN (LW – 5, W7): Hung, extremely intelligent porn star and overall flawless human being.



5. BUCK SANTIAGO (LW – 4, W8): Imagine that he’s squatting on your dick, riding it hard.


Julian Edelman

6. JULIAN EDELMAN (RETURN): Maybe we should ask “Sabrina” what’s lurking in that package.


Nick Capra

7. NICK CAPRA (DEBUT): Gay porn star who’s embracing his daddy side these days.



8. JACKSON (DEBUT): Straight muscle jock who can deliver a damn good fuck.


Angelo Antonio

9. ANGELO ANTONIO (DEBUT): A beefy bodybuilder with a deliciously fuzzy, extremely fuckable hole.


Jake from Spunk Worthy

10. SEBASTIAN KROSS (DEBUT): Tattooed newcomer with a fantastic dick and highly lickable balls.



23 thoughts on “The Ten: Austin Wolf Lasts On Top

  1. yeah, and the pussy is disgusting…..this is not bi-hunt, this is manhunt…..If you want pussy so bad, then quit working for a gay site. Simple as that. Go eat a gash and leave us gay guys alone.

  2. Seriously, dude. Don’t be the cliched “ew, pussies” gay guy. Manhunt is for bisexual men too. Your rampant bi-phobia is bad for all of us.

  3. Some of us enjoy watching straight action. For me, very little of the focus is on the woman. It doesn’t mean that I’m not supporting gay porn, because that’s obviously hot too.

  4. Totally gross, showing an erect cock in a wide open pussy. I’m gay dudes! I like cocks and balls not pussy!

  5. Two things 1) Nick Capra is classically attractive. Very dashing. 2) how awesome is it to have a lady’s opinion! All these vagina haters on here, I swear!

  6. You’ve never seen erotic until you’ve watched a straight guy eat a pussy. I like dick just as much as the next gay, but damn. Straight boys in their natural habitat.

  7. I dont like Sebastian Kross. He is very small. He’s straight. Now, Falcon Studios and Trenton Ducati hire straight boys calling themselves “I’m BI” per money and fame.

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