The Guy Who Cried Gay Bash

Shawn Bennett

You may have heard Shawn Bennett's story of a vicious bashing he received because of his sexuality, you probably even felt really bad for him. Well Bennett has admitted to making up the whole ordeal and to make it believable, he tortured himself by putting out cigarettes on his arm and self-inflicting other injuries.

Bennett was even quoted as saying, "They stuck gravel in my face, putting rocks in my ears, the hospital actually had to take them out. I was just begging them to stop. I told them to just stop, just leave me alone."

This sort of thing is just sad, because we are naturally inclined to support someone who claims a gay-bashing and a story like this can only hurt our trust. I feel bad for the guy to an extent, he's clearly got problems. The authorities agree and will not press charges saying, "We feel bad for Mr. Bennett. The police department and the city of Lansing is doing everything we can to help him get back on track."

I hope it happens quickly because normally someone who takes up police time with false charges gets a criminal charge.

– Andy

4 thoughts on “The Guy Who Cried Gay Bash

  1. On one hand, you want to punch him in the face untill he stops bleeding, permanently. On the other hand, you don’t want to hurt him because you feel sorry for him and his simplistic mind. he’s simply reaching out for attention. The poor guy. Want to hug him, I do.

  2. In fact, turning this 360 degrees, I think most people who gay bash have their own orientation issues. I grew up with a guy who verbally accosted guys on the street near Haltsted in Chicago. Turns out, he is gay. The guy who drew a nazi swastika on Harvey Milk? Um… probably some orientation issues there. So, let’s take it slow when we accuse people of bashing. They might be closer to us than you think.

  3. I agree with the guys above…but if this guy isn’t certified as missing a few nuts and bolts…he should be “Gay Bashed”!
    Not by the usual homophobes…but by us…
    We have to realize that whenever there is a cause…there will be someone to seize an opportunity…yes it hurts the cause in the short term…but the majority of the people that it matters to, realize it for what it is…
    I’d rather focus on the folks from Westboro Church myself…I lived with kind of thinking for more years than a care to tell…

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