Popular Demand: Naked Drake Bell and The Beefy Chef

Most Popular- MANHUNT Daily- Week1

It's no secret that Mondays suck balls (and not in the fun way). So to help you recover from your weekend withdrawal, I figured I'd compile together a list of the most popular and most discussed posts from last week on MANHUNT Daily. It'll serve as a friendly reminder of all the hotness and heated dialogue you may have missed. Also, there are blowjobs and lots of butts.

– Dewitt

To check out the top posts, follow the JUMP:


Drake Bell Naked

  1. Celebrity Skin: Drake Bell
  2. Dylan Rosser's Men Are Red Hot!
  3. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Lukas
  4. MANHUNT Daily Wood: Jonathan Agassi
  5. Celebrity Skin: Edward Norton
  6. Everything Butt: The Chef Hat
  7. Nick Youngquest Has Attitude
  8. iPhone Wars: Battle of The Cumshots
  9. Edilson, Welcome Back!
  10. Chris Leabu Is Simple And Sexy 


Chef, Everything Butt

  1. Everything Butt: The Chef Hat (33 Comments)
  2. Obligatory Shirtless Zac Efron Post (22 Comments)
  3. Let's Talk Religion For A Moment (20 Comments)
  4. Man Bangs: Hot or Not? (19 Comments)
  5. R.I.P. Ted Kennedy (18 Comments)
  6. Universal Circumcisions? The CDC May Recommend It (17 Comments)
  7. Kelly Rowland Uses Her Lifeline On This Week's Song of Summer Charts (17 Comments)
  8. MANHUNT Daily Wood: Tyler Bachtel (16 Comments)
  9. Have You Ever: Done Double Penetration? (16 Comments)
  10. Have You Ever: Lied About Your Age? (16 Comments)



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