The Beard To End All Beards.

Zut alors! Gm1977 is a hot Brazilian near the France/Switzerland border with a beard that would probably make Brian Wilson blush! Christ, I’m getting hard now thinking about how good that thick beard would feel if I were sitting on his face. Mmm…

But I digress! This uncut Brazilian with the silver dollar sized nipples is on Manhunt looking for safe and clean fun. Play your cards right, and you can see if the bush below matches the bush up top! (I’m guessing it probably does.)


Check out additional pictures of Manhunt member gm1977 below:





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17 thoughts on “The Beard To End All Beards.

  1. Gross. Short beards are sexy; long beards disgusting. I can’t wait till this trend fades.

  2. agree that trend needs to end — long beards are hideous — and not a fan of short beards either

  3. I like the beard…am totally loving this facial hair trend…jeez, seems like only a decade ago everyone was bemoaning the “metrosexual” trend…guess people are never happy! Myself, I almost didn’t notice his beard past that amazing body of his!

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