The Art of Self-Sucking

It’s a pretty safe best to say that most every guy on earth has tried to suck his own dick at least once in his life. How far did you get? Did you like the tip? Or kiss the head of your own penis? Some lucky few probably even got to wrap their lips around and suckle what little length of the shaft they could stretch to reach.

When I was a teenager I could just barely fit the head into my mouth and it would take ages of borderline yoga to make it happen. There’s nothing quite like feeling your own cock quivering and spurting on your lips. These days I can’t even touch it with the tip of my tongue.

Although self-facials are always hot and on my more limber days I like to roll back and paint my face with cum. It’s especially fun if you try to save up a nice load for yourself.


Photo Courtesy: Randy Blue – Dominic Santos Self Sucks





2 thoughts on “The Art of Self-Sucking

  1. ok this article was a little better but we still want to know something about the videos and the actor in the videos more than we want to know about you

  2. also why didn’t you include in the clip some actual self sucking instead of just the interview up to him getting ready to do it, not even any nudity in the video. come on that’s what we cum here for dude.

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