Analingus a.k.a Rimming a.ka Eating Ass

Fetishes are the best kind of fun. We all have them and my heart goes out to whatever psychologist thinks he can figure out where these fixations come from. Personally I’ve always had a thing for analingus (a.k.a. eating ass or rimming).

Funny side note apparently Microsoft Word does not recognize either spelling of analingus as a word. I always knew Bill Gates is a prude. I mean just look at the guy; doesn’t exactly scream sex appeal. Alas, I digress; for me there is something very erotic about plunging one’s tongue into a voluptuous ass and squirming that tongue around to fit inside.

To clarify I’m talking about someone who keeps themselves clean, because as much as I love anal, nothing turns me off more than scatophilia, which also is not a word according to Word. I mean if that’s your thing then hey shit all over the place, but here at Manhunt Daily I’d like to think we keep it clean in that regard. We like to showcase sex with mass appeal that means big cocks, chiseled features, and bubble butts.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts the other kind of things that I like but not in too much detail. Maybe some time later I’ll reveal more of my perversions, but right now all I’m thinking is I wish my wife loved anal as much as I do.

What are your thoughts on eating ass?



33 thoughts on “Analingus a.k.a Rimming a.ka Eating Ass

  1. Love it! But it must be clean, and smell fresh (don’t mind a little sweaty smell / pheromones but DEFINITELY nothing malodorous).

    About two weeks ago, started rimming this young hairy ass…pulled the cheeks apart and there in the middle was this pretty pink hole…I plunged my tongue into it and the youngster was shooting his load within a minute!!! Within a few seconds my dick was pubes deep….

  2. Love to eat a good clean ass before I fuck it. Will usually alternate eating and fucking, til my bottom is ready to blow. If I am getting rimmed, it makes me beg for dick.

  3. no one wants more details about your sex life we come here for stories about the porn that is out there and the stars features in them not you.

  4. I have found that just after a bottom comes, his ass closes up tight pretty quick, so I’m wondering if you were really pubes deep in him that soon.

  5. Technically, rimming is not a fetish, it’s a standard sexual activity. A fetish is a sexual focus on nonliving object or nongenital body parts. Rimming is neither.

  6. I love sucking a cock after it’s been in my ass and lick myself off him….love the taste. One of my favorites is after being gangbanged, I love to push the cum out of my ass in a glass and drink it all down while sitting on a hard cock!

  7. So if you are in Appleton look me up! biguyinappletown2

    I love sucking a cock after it’s been in my ass and lick myself off him….love the taste. One of my favorites is after being gangbanged, I love to push the cum out of my ass in a glass and drink it all down while sitting on a hard cock!

  8. I agree Shoe, this happens a lot these days and if it continues I will cancel my membership…damn poor site…

  9. It feels fantastic, turns a guy insane. Also, if you ask any doctor or nurse, they will give you the exploding figures on HEP. I’m afraid soap and water ‘just don’t do it’, guys. Any hospital procedure needs absolute cleanliness before they go in there. Do you still want to throw your tongue into that area? Go right ahead, in the full knowledge that HEP FIGURES ARE OUT OF CONTROL. Fun? Yep! Risky? Shit yeah!

  10. try again. if it disappears again I log out forever. analingus is spelled with an “I” re: ani….. according to the Merriam Webster dictionary.

  11. Where r u at. I find it hard in the boston area to get someone to rim me but when in LA no problem. Why guys?

  12. Assholes are totally a sexual organ. A man has more sexual nerve ending in his anus than he does in his penis.

  13. Oh hell yes nothing makes me more hungry to take ones cock then a good tongue lashng to really beg me to want that cock, ass muncing is the appitizer, ass fucking the main course and CUM is that oh so sweet reward.

  14. you may pay for a membership on, but this site manhuntdaily is free so that wont make any difference if you cancel your membership there. I do however agree this manhunt daily sucks since dewitt has been gone

  15. You clearly are an illiterate idiot. There’s no thing such as ‘scatophilia’. It is called ‘coprophilia’. And rimming is hot as hell if the bottom really knows how to clean his ass (mine has the cleanest I’ve ever seen xD).

  16. Sexual organs refer to the organs of reproduction. It has nothing to do with what does or doesn’t provide you the most pleasure.

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