The Amateur Hour: “Your Daddy Needs His Two Loads Every Day”

Okay, so here’s the deal! I went a little bit overboard this past weekend downloading nearly every single clip from Den Men, a new amateur site specifically devoted to men of a fuzzier variety. There are dozens upon dozens of videos waiting to be featured in The Amateur Hour, and I’m willing to hold back until 2015 if you just let me slip this last one in before the big ball drops… Because, uh, it’s important to me that my dick’s voice is being heard.

Next to the motel room clip from Saturday, this encounter between a pair of ex-boyfriends (?) had me leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. The bottom, in particular, hits all the right spots with his rugged, tattooed look, and the way he sensually growls at his cubbish, bearded boy makes me wish I were the one driving my dick deep inside of him.

If Den Men‘s going to put out stuff like this on a regular basis, then sign me up!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Den Men

Check out this hot cub fucking his daddy bear below:

Tattooed daddy bear gets fucked bareback by his cub boyfriend on gay porn amateur site Den Men

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5 thoughts on “The Amateur Hour: “Your Daddy Needs His Two Loads Every Day”

  1. I think I just found my new favorite site. Been hooking up with a thick cub myself lately and it’s been incredible!

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