The Amateur Hour: Thick Dick Worship

I’m kind of obsessed with this dick! The video it appears in might not be the most exciting clip to ever appear in The Amateur Hour—no cumshot, for starters—but that makes absolutely no alterations to the intense lust brewing inside me. The shape of the shaft is kind of perfect, thick yet growing slightly thicker toward the bottom of the base. You can almost feel the way it’d stretch you out, as it were sliding balls-deep into your ass.

The balls themselves are nice, compact and highly lickable. The pubes, though prominent, aren’t too unruly and out of control. You can imagine burying your nose in them and getting a nice whiff of his manly scent, but you wouldn’t need to spend the entire time pulling hair out of your teeth (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Then there’s the cocksucker. He looks like what the “guy next door” actually looks like, and what he lacks in extraordinary deepthroat talent, he makes up for with his eagerness to please the man before him. From an aesthetic perspective, there’s a nice juxtaposition between his goatee and the skin of that girthy schlong. The contrast really manages to draw you in to the action… Though, admittedly, I kind of wish I could have witnessed the justaposition of a creamy load on that goatee. What can I say? For my part, I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of splooge makes me splooge.

– Dewitt

Watch these two furry gentlemen in a homemade blowjob scene below:



6 thoughts on “The Amateur Hour: Thick Dick Worship

  1. Suck? Omg! Come give my ass the pounding it deserves! If you think it deserves a rough punishment, I’m okay with that too!

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