Daddy’s Boys: Brad Kalvo & Matthew Ryder’s Construction Site Adventure

Daddy’s Workplace” tries to capture the same sleazy energy that made MEN.COM‘s “Stepfather’s Secret” series such a massive hit with gay porn viewers. Truth be told, I’m not sure where it falls next to previous attempts like “Son Swap“, “Houseboy” and the newer addition “Scouts“.

My interest was piqued upon discovering Brad Kalvo was involved in the project. When he appeared on the site with Tyler Morgan, Johnny Rapid and Ryan Sharp, he delivered some of his better work, overcoming his oft-monotonous fucking style by really embracing the daddy role.

The excitement (and any semblance of interest) faded away after skimming through the first chapter of “Daddy’s Workplace”. It was a rough kickoff to a promising premise, involving Brad and his son Matthew Ryder‘s adventures on a construction site full of horny men like Tom Faulk, Cameron Kincade and Johnny Forza.

Although I stopped watching from there, it looks like part three received an outstanding rating from MEN.COM viewers and the grand finale orgy dabbles in some taboo territory that goes there without really going there the way Joe Gage, Animan, Josman and many others have done before. I’ve probably already said more than I should, so if you’re not catching my drift, then the trailers below can do the rest of the talking…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: MEN.COM

Watch all four trailers for this series, including the grand finale orgy, below:


Brad Kalvo and Tom Faulk:

Brad Kalvo fucks Tom Faulk in the intergenerational construction worker fantasy series Daddy's Workplace by gay porn site MEN.COM.


Matthew Ryder and Cameron Kincade:

Matthew Ryder bottoms for Cameron Kincade in the intergenerational construction worker fantasy series Daddy's Workplace by gay porn site MEN.COM.


Matthew Ryder and Johnny Forza:

Matthew Ryder bottoms for Johnny Forza in the intergenerational construction worker fantasy series Daddy's Workplace by gay porn site MEN.COM.


Matthew Ryder, Brad Kalvo, Johnny ForzaCameron Kincade and Tom Faulk:

Brad Kalvo, Matthew Ryder, Tom Faulk, Cameron Kincade and Johnny Forza have an orgy in the intergenerational construction worker fantasy series Daddy's Workplace by gay porn site MEN.COM.



22 thoughts on “Daddy’s Boys: Brad Kalvo & Matthew Ryder’s Construction Site Adventure

  1. I see Brad Kalvo and I think “God, he’s hot!” Then I watch him perform and… meh.

    The first scene in this series was hot almost purely because of the concept, despite Brad’s lacklustre performance and Tom’s awkward attempts at fratboy-level dirty talk. The last scene suffers from the same, but I didn’t take my eyes off the other three, so again it was pretty hot.

    Why can’t that gorgeous daddy be as amazing in scenes as I want him to be? Then he’d be perfect.

  2. same. Physically, he gets me going but his videos are always a snooze and I can’t do anything with them. He’s such a boring fuck, why has no one corrected this?

  3. I have to agree with you, I watched the first scene and I found it bland, I found Tom rather stiff and not in the good way; and as you mentioned about Brad, he looks like a great top daddy but doesn’t deliver. Now if it had been Rocco Steele or Adam Russo…

  4. It’s bizarre that directors either haven’t noticed it or just can’t do anything with him. Even the performers are catching on – the last scene in this series involves everyone else performing the crap out of it just to compensate for him. They shouldn’t have to work that hard.

  5. I would agree with your choices except for Zeb whom I find rather strange in his gay scenes, but the thing is DADDY is not an action or body type or even an age but a state of mind, And most of your excellent examples can exemplify that state of mind

  6. I feel the exact same way. I always watch his scenes because he’s the exact kind of man I’m most attracted to, but I rarely rewatch them because they’re so unmemorable. Like this last scene, with the 5way. He’s literally just standing there for most of it (with his pants still on btw) doing nothing, until the other guys kind of force him to start participating.

  7. Well I get that maybe he’s ‘acting’ apprehensive because his son is there, but there’s so little of the erotic tension that there should be with that scenario. There’s zero chemistry between dad and son, Brad’s performance and acting lack any oomph, and even the guys fucking his son in front of him don’t seem to be able to save the incesty promise that drew many of us in.

    Brad, girl, you need to go watch 20 Joe Gage films and get back to me.

  8. It was fairly decent, not even close to stepfathers secrets but still jerk off materiel(except for scene 1).

  9. I’m all for more daddies at to offset the overabundance of boner-killing twinks, but Brad needs to go versatile. He has a nice big ass — and I like when the camera focuses on it as he’s fucking, but I’d like to see the camera focus on it as it’s getting fucked.

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