Popular Demand: The Week of Marc Ruffalo’s Jizzy Hole & Cody Cummings Getting “Raw”

First things first, I would strongly prefer to maintain a healthy distance from any claims that I am the realest. There weren’t (exactly) very many lies I told last week. Marc Ruffalo did, indeed, appear in a bareback flip-fuck for a gay porn site. The word […]

Whoa! This Sex Toy Is An All-In-One Cock Ring, Butt Plug & Taint Massager & I Think I Need It NOW.

I’m really not one for bells, whistles and crazy sex toys in the bedroom, but the idea of getting my shaft, balls, taint and ass stimulated at the same time appeals to me. The Rogue Erection Enhancer and Prostate Vibrator has a built-in cock ring […]