7 Sex Toys That Would Make Excellent Gifts For ANYONE!

Maybe it’s because he’s so threatened by our writing skills or just because he’s jealous and wants to fuck us all, but you might have noticed that Dewitt doesn’t really like us! This is totally okay, because we hate one another too, and J. Harvey once said that we should be replaced by a guy like this (even though we totally caught him eye-fuckingĀ Gay Duncan one day).

Basically, there is, like, so much drama here at Manhunt headquarters! We tried to put an end to it this morning by giving Dewitt some awesome gifts from the Manhunt Shop for his birthday, but he was a total cunt about it… And not in a fierce sort of way!

These are the eight peace offerings we presented to him this morning. Would you turn them down like a completely crazy and totally rude maniac? We bet you wouldn’t!

Gay Evan, Gay Skylar & Gay Duncan

Check out our incredibly awesome and totally helpful list of sex toys below:


Full Size Ride Me Tranny:


How fierce is this! Vaginas are so fucking weird, but it’s so fun to play with your straight girlfriend’s titties, right? Now you can do that while riding a long cock or fucking a sweet pink pucker that will never say “no”. It’s even better that the face is so realistic and crazy lifelike.


Shock Therapy Electrosex Paddle:


Nothing says I love you more than sending waves of electricity through your boyfriend’s body! That’s like the definition of love. With this paddle, you can temporarily brand your man with your heart, so everyone will know that he’s your piece of ass. Nice!


Rosebud Anal Jewelry:

Jazz up your anus!

Jazz up your anus with these fun and colorful anal plugs! We are all wearing them right now.


Fox Tail Anal Plug:


If anal jewelry is too vanilla for you, why don’t you get foxy and try out one of these? This is perfect for anyone who wants to roleplay as The Fox and the Hound, especially when paired with this totally fierce canine inspired mask.


The Demonic Smile:

Demonic Smile

We might not agree on much, but this mask gets us super turnt up!


Fuck My Face Inflatable Cock and Gag Hood:

Fuck My Face Inflatable Sex Hood

Who doesn’t want to wear a dick on their face? This piece doubles as both a sex toy and a conversation-inducing accessory for going out to the club! If you wear this out in public, we can’t imagine anyone saying no to sex with you.


Kinky Kyle Head and Body Masturbator:

Kinky Kyle

If you don’t like playing with boobs like every sensible gay man, this classic and totally realistic sex toy provides a nice alternative to the Full Size Ride Me Tranny. We are proud to announce that both Gay Evan & Gay Skylar have (finally) lost their virginity to Kinky Kyle, and now they’re totally obsessed with him and fight over his dick all the time!



2 thoughts on “7 Sex Toys That Would Make Excellent Gifts For ANYONE!

  1. I see nobody commented, nothing specific to say but thanks for posting it, made me giggle and I’m considering buying the fox tail as a present for my favourite bottom man :p haha

    Is it faux fur though? I hope so…

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