Suck Vs. Suck: A “Who Wore It Best?” Facial Competition

The four twinks you see above were (allegedly) seduced into sucking cock for the sketchily hot reality site Czech Hunter. Spoiler alert! All of their tiny asses get pounded by the end of their scenes. That said, the site’s trailers don’t show that part of the encounter, so we had to postpone your regularly scheduled Fuck Vs. Fuck poll for another round of Suck Vs. Suck.

Which of these horny, amateur dick hounds looked best with a stiff rod down his throat? Who would you rather see slobbering on your knob? Did you prefer the guys who took it on their faces or the ones who took it on their tongues? Would you vote for this guy (my personal favorite) if he were in the competition? Why are we even bothering to ask all these questions, when you’ll inevitably complain about the selection or vote for whoever you find most attractive?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Czech Hunter

Click through to see all four clips and cast your vote:









16 thoughts on “Suck Vs. Suck: A “Who Wore It Best?” Facial Competition

  1. None compare to Colby Keller’s donning of a sperm mask…therefore I could not vote on these poor offerings, the bar is simply too high 😛

  2. I would happily let any one of the four and the scruffy one as well suck me and I would gladly return the favor. However, number three looked like he had some experience pleasuring a man.

  3. I am guessing these little boys are “legal” in Czech, not into shooting my load into a kids faces.. men, please.

  4. Hmm. They honestly didn’t look like they want to especially 3 which seemed a bit rapey but I guess 4 was the most willing.

  5. yes, because these men, who all look around 20, are totally kids.  physiologically speaking, sexual maturity is reached around 14-16.  these MEN are well above that.  the fact the you like older men does not mean you need to propagate the stereotype that gay men are pedophiles.  to each his own.  without bitching.

  6. I hope I look… overage(??) by 25… I still pass for 14/15 sometimes… :'( #TwinkForever

  7. it was a nice fantasy – but really do you think you can just offer money and guys will suck – lets get real

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