Celebrity Skin: Channing Tatum’s Ass

Ok, this “Celebrity Skin” is pretty short BUT(T) it does feature a nice clear shot of Channing Tatum’s cakes. With his male stripper epic Magic Mike coming to a multiplex near you, Channing’s bod is on everyone’s minds. What perfect time to post the accompanying shots from The Vow? It was a dumb chick flick from earlier in the year in which Channing’s lady forgot who he was and he had to make her remember. Apparently, the way to do so was by flashing his tight buttcheeks at her. It would be the opposite for me. That ass would cause me to forget my #SS number, my name, address, shoe size….

– J. Harvey

To see Channing Tatum’s bare bum, Follow the JUMP:

2,651 thoughts on “Celebrity Skin: Channing Tatum’s Ass

  1. if i woke up next to channing tatum and couldnt remember anything, i wouldnt question it

  2. I’m a Channing Tatum fan, there’s something understated about his sexuality that makes him incredibly HOT.

  3. OMG… if I woke up next to that and couldnt remember anything…I wouldnt care.. I was waking up next to Channing Tatum!  Hells yeah! 

  4. If i woke up next to Channing I’d probably had brain damage. You know what I mean? Lol
    Because of the fucking.
    You know, his penis in my mouth, right? *high five*

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