Straight Guys Are Gay: Straight Mens’ Gay Catwalk On Holiday

Here’s a bunch of drunk dudes on vacation getting sessy with each other. There’s a pair of bare buttocks, too!

Here’s a story. I have a lot of straight guy friends. I ended up being the only gay. It was fine. They’re a good bunch, and tended to get naked a lot when they were drunk so there were a lot of positives. Anyway, one weekend away we were all getting messy. Two of them decided to strip to their underwear and splash water on themselves while dancing erotically with each other to tantalize me. They were probably just using me an excuse to fulfill their secret desires. But I won’t lie. I wasn’t offended, I was hard! It was hot. They were shockingly good at dry humping each other. Straight guys LOVE to do that stuff. Hence – this video.



4 thoughts on “Straight Guys Are Gay: Straight Mens’ Gay Catwalk On Holiday

  1. I like the Alpha male best. He can dance for me anytime. I love open, free, confident and sexy straight guys that are just down with whatever and that don’t take themselves too seriously. Yum.

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