“Straight Guys Are Gay” Came Early This Week

What’s wrong with it, they ask? Nothing! Chris and Gary are two best buds who like to drizzle chocolate syrup on each other in the hot tub, feed each other ice cream in public, and sniff on each other’s thongs. Don’t get it twisted, it’s just a bromance. “Bromance” is their ode to how close they are and how the world needs to relax about it. It doesn’t mean they’re fiddlin’ with each other if they’re admiring each other in buttfloss, and snorting each other’s used underwear. They’re just secure in their intense homoeroticism.

– J. Harvey (via Unicorn Booty)

To watch “Bromance (What’s Wrong With It?)”, Follow the JUMP:

9 thoughts on ““Straight Guys Are Gay” Came Early This Week

  1. My boyfriend and I were at a local restaurant this weekend when a group of teenagers came in, apparently from a local high school baseball team (based on their logo shirts). As we were at the cash register paying, I looked back at their table and saw one of the blonde males in the group start caressing the back of this red-haired guy next to him. I don’t mean pat-on-the-back or a playful “straight guys are gay” sense … this would be the kind of touch I’d use on my boyfriend (and he’d use on me). And the ginge didn’t flinch at all.

    Don’t know if there’s something there or not, but I will say this … they were a cute couple, if they were.

  2. As a college student, I do detect this being the emerging culture. Or, at least, it’s becoming more visible.

  3. looks like they’re watching too much “Lonely Island” videos LOL. Reminds me a lot of “Like A Boss” by Lonely Island

  4. don’t watch a lot of youtube so had not seen this, (or a lot of stuff on there) thought it was pretty clever and funny, made me laugh today

  5.  The short one has amazing eyes…

    Also, I’ll totally be in a bromance with those guys…bordering gay is kinda like edging, just without the explosion of cum when things finally do happen. x3

  6. This is adorable. Kudos to them for being secure. I don’t think this is offensive at all, where I’ve seen a bunch that are.

    And that last line, “suck on your dick”. Yeah, the cute one should do that…

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