Here’s A FREE 10-Minute Preview Of “The Stillest Hour” With Colby Keller, Levi Karter, And Will Wikle!

We’ve been waiting for this one. CockyBoys paired porn wizard Colby Keller with porn….I’d think of something clever to call him but he’s distracting me with his face, and his body, and his cock….it’s Levi Karter. Oh, and this Will Wikle guy’s in the mix. He’s an icy blond that I want to warm by having him sit on my face immediately. Porn auteur Jake Jaxson has assembled a REALLY stellar cast for this one. It’s The Stillest Hour! *cue a Alfred Hitchcock-type score mixed with the moaning and grunting of lusty men*

Jake’s been working on this one for awhile. He had this to say:

“Why is it taking so long?” That is the one question that seemed to haunt me over the last year, in regard to THE STILLEST HOUR. My answer was always the same, “Because it’s not done.”

I did not mean to be flippant, or create unnecessary delay— I was still trying to figure it out. I love making these movies. I enjoy sexual storytelling, but more and more they have become a challenge in that there are expectations that I place on both process and the performers— trying hard not to repeat myself and yet still creating a challenge that inspires everyone working on the project and everyone watching. In turn, the performers also have expectations of me, the process, and ultimately the final product. And with this project, I’ve had the pleasure of working with three incredible performers: Will Wikle, Levi Karter and Colby Keller, and they were all so wiling to give their full emotional attention and energy into this film. That alone caused me to take my time and make sure this was the best it could be.

Not to lick anyone’s butthole too much (not that it’s a bad thing when you’re not blogging), but I’m going to say that Jaxson taking his time has resulted in a HELLUVA porn scene. It’s porn as a psychological thriller with Colby as an artist haunted by a slutty little hustler played by Levi. Colby’s shrink (Will) also has a dalliance with Levi. You can picture the consequences. Basically, it’s a tale of lust, betrayal, and danger but it’s also PORN and everyone’s fucking Levi. They’re all at the top of their game. Levi looks amazing (stay tuned for a “7 Questions” interview with him next week), Will looks amazing, Colby…what’s there left to say about Colby? There’s a reason why he’s making the crossover, and it has a lot to do with charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent! Yes, I just stole from RuPaul and I am not going to Rupologize for it. Jake Jaxson has outdone himself. And that was a feat because he’s one of the top talents working today. That stairway scene!

Check out some content from The Stillest Hour below, and watch Part 1 over at CockyBoys.

Michael Xavier

Press “PLAY” to watch the trailer and a ten minute preview of The Stillest Hour below!










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