Stephen Amell’s Brother Robbie Is Hot, Too

The Amell brothers’ parents must be as ugly as Russia’s attitude towards gays, because their children are POW! Two uglies make pretties! Stephen Amell is Arrow, and the CW knows good genetics when they see them, because his brother Robbie Amell heads up their sci-fi teen show The Tomorrow People. Robbie’s not as jacked as his big bro, but he’s still got a sweet body and that cute Amell face. Maybe the parents aren’t ugly. Maybe they sacrificed a number of goats to the Dark Lord.

– J. Harvey

Check out more pics of Robbie Amell below:

robbie amell shirtless tomorrow people

Robbie Amell in Tomorrow People Series Premiere

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 10.53.15 AM

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 10.52.36 AM


robbie amell shirtless tomorrow people

robbie amell shirtless tomorrow people






18 thoughts on “Stephen Amell’s Brother Robbie Is Hot, Too

  1. Robbie seems to be the Liam Hemsworth of the Amell family: eminently doable, but not as hot as the elder.

  2. I have the pilot for The Tomorrow People still on my DVR just because he is shirtless through most of the episode.

  3. interesting… accurate from an Amell perspective, yet i find Liam to be far sexier than Chris… (though Chris is better looking)

  4. Tastelessness alert!

    and in other celebrity news, Paul Walker has just redefined what it means to be superhot, after a fatal auto accident in which his car burst into flames. While this is tragic, at least there is the consolation that Walker died while he still was incredibly gorgeous. Best role — Into the Blue, in which Walker spent most of his screen time shirtless.

  5. Well if you don t like it then Im sure our awesome sexy editors wouldn t miss a bitter queen like you, I know I wouldnt. Go away

  6. Mark Pellegrino is Stephen’s uncle but I don’t think he’s related to Robbie. I think he is Stephen’s uncle on his mother’s side.

  7. All the nastiness towards people who consistently provide us with pics of super hot guys- I don’t get it. Why bite the hand that jerks you off!?!

  8. A quick check even oon WIkipedia should have spared you from embarrassment,,, Tsk… THEY ARE COUSINS, NOT BROTHERS. There’s a basic distinction between the two terms. Or are you having too much buttsex at the manhunt office that you confuse the two??? Pathetic

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