Stepcest: Sex With the Steps

If you’ve been watching porn at all in the last few years, you probably noticed that there is a lot of family porn out there.  Porn studios use “step” relations to get around compliance regulations, but the fantasy is pretty clear.  I guess a lot of people are into taboo. It’s either that or everyone wants to fuck their family.

Enter – a whole site dedicated to bareback sex between loosely related people.  I’m not going to lie, it’s about the best family porn you can find for gay, and it’s pretty  hot.

Check out the images from “A Gentle Instructor”.  This scene features cutie Mike Smith who gets caught masturbating by his hunky father, John Smith.  Things heat up from there until suddenly John has hit step-dick in Mike’s step-ass.

If you like what you see, Click HERE to visit FamilyDick for a free tour.  If this scratches your itches, you can signup with a 40% discount on regular price!

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