Staying Power: 2012′s Best Posts From Before 2012

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For reasons I can’t quite explain, I decided to make a list of 100 Manhunt Daily posts from 2009-2011 that continue to bring in insane amounts of traffic. In doing so, I learned a few things: 1) We are idiots for canceling our Bi The Way series, 2) You are secretly obsessed with the Maverick Men, and 3) People like doing Google searches on the ever-evolving state of Cody Cummings‘ butthole.

While I’m not sure how this information will affect our editorial direction in 2013, I imagine it means we’ll be running countless image galleries of Cody Cummings tenderly tonguing vaginas and looking at the camera. That’s what you guys are into, right?!?!

I kid, I kid! You should just take this list for what it is—a teaser before tonight’s entry on the 100 best posts of 2012.

– Dewitt

Click through for this year’s 100 most popular posts from 2010 & 2011:



100. Celebrity Skin: Jason Mewes
99. Fuck Vs. Fuck: Guys Who Fucked Paul Wagner
98. Everything Butt: Samuel O’Toole
97. Mitch Branson, Reese Rideout and Chris Rockway Star In “The Coach” (But Not The Version You Remember)
96. The Cock Buffet: New Gay Porn With Francois Sagat, Race Cooper, Jason Adonis, Zeb Atlas & Many More!
95. Flashback Friday: Jeff Stryker
94. Why Does Derek Atlas Look So Familiar?
93. Twink Tank: Matthew Keading
92. Is This The Hottest Gay Porn Cast EVER? Yes.
91. Bi The Way: Tyler Torro, Spencer Fox & Cherry Torn



90. The Cock Buffet: New Gay Porn With Kennedy Carter, David Chase, Rafael Alencar, Donny Wright & More!
89. When In Doubt, Post Naked Pictures of Thomas Jane…
88. Is Gay Porn Taking Cues From Ashton Kutcher?
87. Who Wants To Fuck Brent Corrigan?
86. On The Hunt: Brandon Lewis & The Maverick Men
85. Manhunt Daily Wood: Lance Parker
84. On The Hunt: Kenedy & The Maverick Men
83. Jeremy Skott Snider Making Porn “Bold And Beautiful”
82. Twink Tank: Seth Knight
81. Woof Alert: Arpad Miklos Pounds Jake Austin



80. Meet The Newest COLT Man, Bob Hager!
79. Kris Evans Does The Peters Twins
78. Hot or Not: Curious Straight Guys
77. Winner Takes All: Patrik Fucks Alex Marte In “Gambler”
76. Reasons To Look Forward To 2012: Dale Cooper
75. Hot Twink Sean (Actually) Loses His Virginity
74. Is Dick Dorm Legit Reality Porn?
73. Everything Butt: Steve
72. Thomas Jane’s Dick? Yes Please.
71. Hot or Not: Wet Briefs



70. It Happened On Manhunt: Jesse Jackman Tells His Story
69. Trailer Trash: Captain America
68. The Cock Buffet: New Gay Porn With Matt Hughes, Robert Van Damme, Mason Star, Roman Wright & More!
67. Sandwich Fucking + Spit Roasting + Double Penetration
66. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Spencer Reed
65. Landon Conrad Pounds Jake Steel In “Hot Property”
64. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Trevor Yates
63. Bi The Way: Samuel O’Toole
62. Woof Alert: Rocky LaBarre
61. Everything Butt: Marko Lebeau



60. Bi The Way: A Friendly Competition Between Cody Cummings, James Huntsman & Samuel O’Toole
59. Hot or Not: Curved Dicks
58. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Paddy O’Brian
57. Celebrity Skin: Mike Edward
56. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Shay Michaels
55. Twink Tank: Tristan Sterling (Again)
54. Manhunt Daily Wood: Dominic Figlio
53. Celebrity Skin: The Chris Evans “What’s Your Number?” Motherlode
52. Twink Tank: Ashley Ryder & Steven Prior
51. Chris Crocker: Porn Star?



50. Celebrity Skin: Ian Somerhalder
49. Twink Tank: Tristan Sterling In “Got Twink?”
48. Where Are The World’s Biggest Penises?
47. Celebrity Skin: Tim Oakes
46. There’s A First Time For Everything…
45. Hunter Marx, Dirk Caber & Shay Michaels In “Sting”
44. Dropping The Soap Has Never Been More Appealing…
43. Woof Alert: Dodger Wolf
42. Twink Tank: Chase Young & Sencer Keve
41. Twink Tank: Kody Blue



40. Are Reichen’s “Leaked” Pics A Bad Publicity Stunt?
39. Bi The Way: Cody Cummings, Marko Lebeau & Crissy Moon
38. Drawn To You: Just Cartoon Dicks
37. Bi The Way: Ashley Dominates Cain & Dawson
36. Sacha Harding Is Naked And Everything Is Perfect In Life
35. Drawn To You: Kamui Jack
34. Trystan Bull In “My Stepdad Banged Me”
33. Twink Tank: Joey Hard & The House Bangers
32. Woof Alert: Allen Silver
31. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Sean Xavier



30. On The Hunt: Rafael Alencar & Ian
29. Hot or Not: Low Hangers
28. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Paddy O’Brian
27. A Visual Argument For Taylor Lautner Being A Homosexual
26. Our New Gay Porn Obsession: Project City Bus
25. The Maverick Men Are Jock Fuckers!
24. The Maverick Men Take Wade’s Hairy Virgin Hole
23. The Cock Buffet: New Gay Porn With Mick Lovell, Nick Sterling, Micah Brandt, Kyle King & Many More!
22. Have You Ever: Shot A Load Into Your Own Mouth?
21. Was Taylor Lautner In A Gay Porn Foursome?



20. Celebrity Skin: Cam Gigandet
19. Twink Tank: Kurt Wild & Cliff Jensen
18. The Cock Buffet: New Gay Porn With Ben Brown, Tom Wolfe, Dean Monroe & Jessie Colter!
17. Fuck Vs. Fuck: The Maverick Men’s Bottom Boys
16. Know Your Penises!
15. Fake Gay Porn Incest: So Wrong or So Right?
14. Now Taking Nominees: 2011’s Hottest Cock Sluts
13. The Cock Buffet: New Gay Porn With Patrick O’Brien, Johnny Hazzard, Leo Forte, Arpad Miklos & More!
12. Five Reasons “Fraternity X” Is Fucking Awesome
11. Alex Slater Takes On Girth Brooks



We wrote: “The absurdly attractive British lad, who was runner-up on our Best Dicks of 2011 list, has finally made his return to Randy Blue! First, he strips down in a smokin’ hot exclusive photo shoot, only to follow it up with something much hotter—his first man-on-man scene since getting blown by Trent Davis.

“This time, Ryan goes all the way with well-hung (and extremely tall) boy next door Andrew Stark and gives him a pounding that he’ll never forget… Trust us when we say that this is way more fulfilling than when Patrick O’Brien lost his on-screen virginity. In a way, you can thank Andrew for that all-too-important difference. He’s so thrilled to ride Ryan’s uncut rod that the chemistry’s purely explosive!”



We wrote: “Have you ever wondered the secret behind Rafael Alencar‘s gigantic, traffic-stopping booty? It’s a lot simpler than you think—he eats a lot of eggs. The well-endowed porn star recently confessed on video (as seen on Gay Porn Blog) that he guzzles down ten to fifteen per day.”



We wrote: “It’s been a while since I searched for naked screen-caps of Mark Ruffalo in The Kids Are All Right. With that said, today seemed like the perfect day to track down stills from his many sex scenes. Since some of you share my love for this hairy fucker, it only seemed fair to share these moments with you. But don’t enjoy them too much! He’s my fake boyfriend.”



We wrote: “According to Randy Blue, the first thing we’re supposed to notice about Kurt Madison are his ‘sexy green eyes’. This might have been true if he weren’t stark naked and waving his ginormous schlong in our faces. Yes, this guy is ridiculously hung, and we get the impression that he’ll be fucking a lot of ‘virgin’ holes on the site.

“Of course, we’ll be slightly disappointed if that’s all he’s doing! You see, Kurt is both a gymnast and a dancer (flexibility!), and the way he pops his booty makes our dicks throb uncontrollably. While it’d be a crime if he hasn’t filmed a hardcore scene as a top, it’ll be just as bad if he never winds up on the receiving end…”



We wrote: “On this side of the pond, Tom Hardy is primarily known for his role in Inception, or being that guy whose embarrassing MySpace photos leaked all over the internet. Of course, he’s about to become a much bigger deal, after getting cast in Christopher Nolan‘s upcoming Batman flick as Bane.

“When this guy’s super famous, you’ll be able to say you’ve seen his penis. And he’s made sure of this by getting naked onscreen a lot. Most recently, he flashed his peen in the short film Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother, though you can also catch a glimpse of his goods in Bronson. We really hope he’s a grower. Not that we’re size queens or anything.”



We wrote: “Are you tired of Nick Sterling yet? We’re not. Seriously, I don’t think a single day goes by without J. Harvey asking how we can get his contact information for an interview. I’ve always assumed ‘for an interview’ meant to ‘make arrangements for him to smother his face with those butt cheeks’, though I never said anything ’cause I was afraid HR would call me to their office.

“No, but really! The two of us have fights (that only exist in my brain) over who would have to take sloppy seconds, should Nick ever throw himself hole-first at our penises. To be completely honest, sloppy seconds wouldn’t even matter, because Nick’s ass is so remarkable that you wouldn’t even care who tapped it before you. Ugh, why isn’t he backing that thang up on our dicks? Why? Why? WHY?”



We wrote: “Everyone’s waiting for the moment when Cody Cummings spreads his muscular cheeks wide open and lets another man stuff him full of dick. I mean, for the love of jizz, he’s teased us for so long! He’s taken everything from lollipops to butt plugs into his ‘cavern of mysteries’. You have to wonder why he hasn’t graduated to their fleshier counterparts… Well, until now!

“Within the next few months, hundreds of men will be parting Cody’s virgin pucker with their rock hard cocks. They’re going to know what it’s like to be buried deep inside him, as his hole squeezes tightly around their shafts. They’re going to fuck him whenever they want. Over and over. Any time of the day.”



Benjamin Godfre cock

We wrote: “There comes a point in every blogger’s life where he just has to say to himself, “Fuck it! I’m going to post more pictures of Benjamin Godfre‘s penis.” The spunky male model and skateboarding enthusiast reached the top of The Ten, our weekly countdown of the sexiest men, back in August, and he stayed there until we posted a kinky shot of him tied to a tree.”



We wrote: “The press release for Cody Cummings‘ latest scene sounds like it was done by someone who writes romance novels for a living. The implication seems to be that Cody bottomed for fellow porn star Brandon Lewis… Or that they flip-fucked, but let’s be real—nobody cares about anything but Cody’s butthole.”



We wrote: “Would it kill Cody Cummings to bend over and take a good pounding? Ever since launching his solo site, the porn hunk has consistently teased fans with his virgin butthole. Remember that time Parker London stuck a lollipop up there? Or perhaps you were more frustrated when he kissed Rod Daily, only to push his gay-for-pay status in our faces?

“The worst part is that you can’t even get mad at him! Given Cody’s general level of sexiness, we’re forced to shrug our shoulders and put up with this torturous journey. While he continues to make baby steps towards inevitable butt sex, we continue to masturbate to him.”



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890 thoughts on “Staying Power: 2012′s Best Posts From Before 2012

  1. If you made a resolution for the New Year to put a ban on Cody Cummings and G4P articles, and focused more on actual gay porn stars, how long, do you figure, would it take until your site atrophies and shuts down?

  2. You killed “Bi the way”? Sad to hear that not because I like seeing pussy but I like seeing str8 guys seeing pussy while there’s another guy around. Bi guys are the hottest to me. They’re totally open to whatever is going on and ready to play. Hurray for sexy bi guys (and hot str8 and gay ones too for that matter). Hurray for dudes!

  3. You killed “Bi the way”? Sad to hear that not because I like seeing pussy but I like seeing str8 guys seeing pussy while there’s another guy around. Bi guys are the hottest to me. They’re totally open to whatever is going on and ready to play. Hurray for sexy bi guys (and hot str8 and gay ones too for that matter). Hurray for dudes!

  4. Wow that’s pretty sad. Who are the Cody Cummings fans? They need to come out…or maybe that’s why they are fans of his lol

  5. Wow that’s pretty sad. Who are the Cody Cummings fans? They need to come out…or maybe that’s why they are fans of his lol

  6. Wow that’s pretty sad. Who are the Cody Cummings fans? They need to come out…or maybe that’s why they are fans of his lol

  7. Wow that’s pretty sad. Who are the Cody Cummings fans? They need to come out…or maybe that’s why they are fans of his lol

  8. Wow that’s pretty sad. Who are the Cody Cummings fans? They need to come out…or maybe that’s why they are fans of his lol

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