Solo Artist: Meet Ray

Ray’s here to do some work on your house. You’ve got a hole in the ceiling. It’s entirely possible that the hole wasn’t there before Ray got here. Because his cock could have done that damage. Truthfully, his big, hard boner might have escaped his pants and busted a hole in the ceiling. You’re lucky that no one was hurt! Are the pets ok? Go check!

You should also be aware that Ray’s process is to finish himself off before he finishes the work. You leaving that big bag of dildos lying around really inspired him this time! He’ll get around to that hole eventually. I mean the one in the ceiling. Kind of.

Check out more of Ray getting down to business below, and watch the entire thing over at Next Door Ebony. Hey, at least it ain’t “Next Door Thugs.” I’m looking at you, Reality Dudes. *side-eye*

Michael Xavier








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