Solo Artist: Meet ChaosMen’s Caspar. I Know, Right?

Jeeeeeeeeeeeez, look at this dude. ChaosMen does really well on Manhunt Daily. Is it cuz’ of the no fuss, no muss, no pretty film filters? Is it cuz’ of the kinda scruffy talent they book? Is it Quentin Gainz? (It’s totally Quentin Gainz.) For real, it’s the dudes. They’re hot guys who look like they’re directly off the street. Take Caspar. I’m assuming that dude was at the gym when ChaosMen’s Bryan Ockert turned to him and said “hey, what do you think about jerking off on camera?” Caspar must have have needed the cash (for anabolic steroids, I’m assuming), so here we are. The BODY on this slut! Also, if you notice, this post is directly after the “Jamie Dornan needs to fuck for us” post. It’s cuz’ they look sort of alike, so this is sort of slaking my thirst to watch Christian Grey (or whatever his name is) fuck!

Caspar is a beast. He’s a beastmaster and let’s hope they give him his own zoo of ChaosMen men to fuck! Imagine him and Quentin?

Watch Caspar stroke it to completion here.

Michael Xavier

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