ChaosMen: Caspar And Cayden

ChaosMen’s Caspar has the smug look of someone who knows he’s about to take the dick of a much less burly man and is perfectly fucking fine with it. Go to it, Cayden! (It helps that they’re sort of the same height.) Pairing Caspar with guys who match his mass and height has been interesting. […]

ChaosMen: Zane Bounces On Nicholas Duff’s Cock

Nicholas Duff is a swarthy cutie with a sizable dick. Having said, feast your eyes on big hunk o’ man Zane. Damn, from the Colby Keller school, I see. Long, tall, bearded, and more than ready to take a dick! He’s like a porn lumberjack. More Zane, ChaosMen! Click here for more! – Michael Xavier

ChaosMen Is Having A Labor Day Sale! 4 Days For 4 Dollars!

That thrusting motion by Barton into Dakota Payne’s ass means that ChaosMen is having a sale! Get it – Barton’s hard at work and it’s Labor Day Weekend? I’m just going to move along and get into it. You can get four days on the site for exactly $4! Use this link, and enjoy more […]

ChaosMen: Caspar & Vandar Flip-Fuck

Oooo, Caspar the Giant and his hot little friend Vander! And they flip-fuck! Caspar’s versatile! That’s good to know! Click here for more! – Michael Xavier

It’s A ChaosMen Threeway! (4 Days For 4 Dollars!)

It’s Friday afternoon. You’re very close to knocking off of work and starting your weekend. Here’s something to start you off right – ChaosMen’s Easton, Franco and Jerome to the power of three! These guys intertwine so naturally as they rim, suck and fuck. They might have been born to it. I think it’s going […]

ChaosMen: All About Wren And Lorenzo…

Has anybody else noticed how ripped Wren is these days? I did! With his long lanky body, I figured he would always have his twink build. But at 26, he now spends his time working, eating right, and hitting the gym. His build right now is just fantastic. Twink to hunk! Twunk! Yes, he might […]

Get ChaosMen For 4 Days For $4!

Summer is great because that’s when all the porn sites have big sales because summer is typically the slow season for fuck flicks. Guys are too busy trying to fuck in the dunes at the beach. ChaosMen is available for $4 for four days. (P.S. If you remain a member after the four days, you […]

ChaosMen: Jalen And Todd Service Each Other

Jalen takes the lead, getting undressed and grabbing onto Todd’s rod quickly. Todd catches up and starts jerking Jalen’s uncut cock. Perhaps he is not familiar with an uncut cock? Jalen sees that Todd is losing his boner, so Jalen pushes him back so he could give Todd an intense blow job. That did the […]

ChaosMen: Michael With The Good Hair And Sean Peyton Flip-Fuck

You like flip-fucking, right? Michael had no problems topping or bottoming, while Sean, surprisingly, struggled to take Michael’s 8-inch cock. Sean struggled initially to take his cock, and I thought something else was wrong since I had never seen him have to go slow. Sean said, “Well, he DOES have big cock!” Sean will teasingly […]

Antonio Cervone And Prentice Are Bareback Flip-Fucking For ChaosMen

Just straight on, no holds barred (and no condom used), bare-buck flipfucking! Antonio Cervone and Prentice continue ChaosMen’s tradition for serving you up straight-forward, straight-up sex. No storylines or costumes. Or clothes. Or hesitation. Get into the fucking below and