Shut The Fuck Up, Blake Shelton

(He’s actually not that bad-looking, so I used the least attractive pic I could find to illustrate my point.)

Blake Shelton reads like he might be a big ole’ dickhead.

– J. Harvey

To find out why, Follow the JUMP:

Shelton is one of the judges on NBC’s The Voice, presumably because he’s the celeb with which “America” can identify. Cee Lo is too fat and garish and Xtina still has that “Dirrty” vibe going on with the emphatic lipstick and the booze bloat.  So Blake’s the “normal” one. If you count homophobic douchebags as normal.  Here’s what he Tweeted last night:

He’s pretty presumptuous about the magnetic attraction of his ass.  Here was his response to someone who questioned him on this.

Yes, some of his best friends are black, I mean gay.   Blake was also making  fag jokes at the Country Music Awards! One of his “gay” friends might want to tell him he’s looking overly concerned with gay guys. (Although, I tend to concur with his and Reba‘s opinion on Jakey G. But I suck dick, so I have authorization.) It’s been said before, and proven true time and time again. It’s the crazies who OBSESS over possibly being hit on by a gay person and threatening manly violence who are usually the ones tapping their foot into the next stall. And even if he’s not a closet case, he’s still a pinhead for Tweeting that publicly. I hope his hydraulic chair on The Voice spontaneously combusts from all the stupid it’s holding.

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  2. oh, who cares? honestly. getting upset about stupid homophobic remarks like this is sooo 2000; this really isnt worth taking up space in my brain.

  3. Honestly, is it any different than a woman who says she’ll slug a guy who tries to grab HER ass?

  4. Hmm, he had a song out last year called “Hillbilly Bone” and it had a line that said we all have a hillbilly bone down deep inside. That line can definitely be given a gay reading. Surely he realized that.

    Is anyone even sure this is his Tweet? There are lots of Twitter accounts set up in the names of celebrities and it isn’t the celebrity doing it. Could be someone’s trying to give him a bad reputation.

  5. Honestly I do not get why people are so hung up on a comment like this. Because I am plenty sure I could run back and find plenty of things J. Harvey, Dewitt and other people that post here have said that can be turned into racist, judgmental, offensive and ignorant.

    Hell this community is all about bashing people that are not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not hung, according to many on here not the right race(everything a man of color loses to a white guy we see this argument). So Blake Shelton and Reba make a joke about why Jake broke up with Taylor, “Wasn’t he in Brokeback Mountain” it was an awards show, hell the Oscars make some homo remark in the opening every f*ing year – get over yourself.

    I would have to guess it was supposed to be funny – He was after all “rewriting” a Shania Twain song that is itself makes it sound like to me he was trying to be funny.

  6. It’s not homophobic in the slightest!
    I agree with @WestAtlBear on this. I used to work as a Go-Go in gay night clubs and I felt the same way when someone felt they had the right to grab my ass too!

  7. oh relax. ure making a big deal out of nothing. why do the gays love drama so much that they have to blow little things like this out of proportion? it was a joke for pete’s sakes. doesnt mean the man is homophobic.

  8. Wow, Manhunt you are doing a bang up job with this guy. I think maybe you might want to look to a new type of blogger, maybe someone with a funny bone and can see that this was meant to be funny.

  9. Wow looks like the crown for Bitter Queen of the day goes to Harvey. Sweetie get a life, and get laid. The bitterness from your old man fuck dream yesterday is running into today.

  10. Also agree with WestAtlBear here, I wouldn’t like a guy grabbing my ass without permission,I don’t know what other comments he has made, but this one doesn’t seem homophobic to me at all. If anything, is comehting like “thouchy perv-phobic” wich I believe i a pretty normal thing to be

  11. I rarely agree with bashing heteros for stupid remarks they make because they are often harmless, but J.Harvey is right on this one. What that douche bag did uncalled for and WAY homophobic. He needs to apologize. @Alex, You can shut the fuck up! Shelton has been blasted by many outlets for what he did. EVEN if he considered it funny, with all the bullying going on, that was totally uncalled for. J. Harvey is a great blogger apparently his style of writing is way about what your intellect can comprehend. His sense of humor is very sophisticated and apprently goes over your head. If you think it is so easy, why don’t you try writing a blog and see how it is received.

  12. @”All you haters, too many to mention” As a public figure and “celebrity” he needs to be more responsible with what he writes. The fact that he chose to say that with no apparent provocation is homophobic. Who just decides to “rewrite” Shania’s song without checking with her first, especially with such violent lyrics is ridiculous and irresponsible. Kids are getting threatened, bullied and beaten up daily, why does this asshole need to glorify that. He is a fucking adult, he needs to act like one, not like a teenager.

  13. J Harvey why even bother 2 post homophobic comments about a NOBODY who obviously is desperately trying 2 be somebody . I do not even know who the FUCK he is and more important I do not WANT 2 but J I will agree with U on one thing FUCK HIM !!!

  14. It’s HILARIOUS how offended people have gotten over this… It took me a minute or two to even figure out how it could be taken as homophobic.

    He made up new lyrics and was implying that it would be funny if SHANIA sang them… not him.

    Childish and silly, yes. Homophobic, no.

    Surely when you were a kid you used to sing songs with your friends and replace lyrics to make them funnier?!

  15. @ButtBro, at the same time, GLAAD needs to freakin learn a thing or two about PR. Whoever mans their Twitter account was extremely unprofessional and rude, and for someone who is a rep of a major nonprofit, pro-tolerance organization, they should know better. “Apologize now.” You don’t just demand that someone apologize, regardless of the situation. It takes away the validity of the apology.

    Stop breathing gay-hatred/homophobia into every little thing. It’s gets old, and then turns into the boy who cried wolf sorta deal.

    WestAtlBear said it awesomely. If any gay guy had their ass grabbed unwantedly by some guy, and then turned around and slapped em around, it’d be perfectly legit. If a straight guy did that, BAM instant hate crime. Everyone needs to get off their freakin high horses and pay attention to the things that really matter.

  16. Everybody needs to chill out. GLAAD overreacted and read something into it that wasn’t there. Blake routinely “rewrites” lyrics to songs on his Tweets to be humorous. In this case, he was tweaking the lyrics, but it was still meant to be from Shania’s POV. As for the awards show joke about Jake, Blake and Reba were reading the joke of some writer off the teleprompter. You don’t actually think they adlibbed that, do you?

  17. he is a bad writer. the lyrics do not coincide with the original tune. no wonder he is a “one ht wonder.”

  18. @kool1 How do you figure he’s a one hit wonder? He’s got four gold records… Out of five. And 8 number one songs. I’m not saying his comments are appropriate, just saying you might want to check facts before you spout off inaccurate comments. Just sayin’.

  19. All I have to say is that in the wake of recent events with young people taking their lives because of bullying, this “joke” can be taken the wrong way.

    I’m definitely all for being offensive I think it’s important for everyone to be able to laugh at themselves, but when the issue of teen suicide connected to anti-gay name calling and bullying is still a predominant topic and issue I think that he might have put his foot in his mouth.

    The curse of being a celebrity is having to watch everything you say, do, and in this case tweet. The internet can be an unforgiving place, especially with pissed off queers at the key boards.

  20. Yeah, it’s super hysterical to make a joke about beating up members of a community that have to deal with violent overreactions to gay panic. What a dick.

  21. Yeah, Adam Levine is hotter anyways. I may not like this guys views, but at least he is funny at tomes on The Voice. I like the Christina & Adam back and forth the most though.

  22. Look at the degree of violence he proposes here: is that really OK, just for having your butt touched?

    Anyone who thinks this douche would ever be on the side of equality and acceptance needs to think again.

    The fact that he needed to SHOUT THIS FROM THE {TWITTER} MOUNTAIN TOP, to make it really, really, REALLY clear to the whole world that he’s absotively 1000% pure STRAIGHT kinda proves he isn’t, IMO, and that makes him worse than a plain homophobe, it makes him a self loathing fag.

  23. i guess i might as well chip in, finally:

    i wouldn’t consider this the brightest thing blake could have done.
    (to speak the least of my feelings about the subject.)

    in response to haha: the thing to remember is, there might be a great number of people who just don’t know anything about the gentleman.

    case-in-point, i didn’t even know blake existed until i happened upon this post from J. Harv, a few days ago.
    so, no, i wouldn’t have any “prior knowledge” about the guy, to mitigate the sting of that particular tweet of his.
    which, to a person who’s looking at it without any other context except as presented here, can be taken as a promotion of homophobia.

    even if his intent was “jocular.”

    it’s irrelevant if blake himself isn’t particularly homophobic.

    based off of that one tweet, it can appear that he is; and some other, impressionable, person who happens upon that scribe might internalize the sentiment portrayed, and let it grow within.

    …a simple “I’m just joking around
    “Please don’t bash the gays, kiddies” follow-up tweet might have mitigated some of the repulsion factor.

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