Shia LeBeouf Does GQ Magazine

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Somebody’s looking sexy in the latest issue of GQ magazine, and his name just might be Shia LeBeouf. Don’t get too excited! The young actor and star of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps isn’t showing any skin, but he’s looking damn good in those suits. And there are a lot of quotes that are great out of context…

Take this one for example: “He would just open you up completely”. Hmm, being opened up completely? Sounds like my usual Tuesday night! Shia also touches upon such topics as being “fucking naked”, trading in his boxer shorts and getting aggressive. Check out the full quotes here.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: GQ Magazine

For more pictures of Shia LeBeouf, follow the JUMP:








11 thoughts on “Shia LeBeouf Does GQ Magazine

  1. I read a bit of the interview, I didn’t know his accident was as serious as it was. He had alot of damage done to his hand.

  2. OK, we get it. Shia cleans up and wears a suit. I for one want to see more of his grungy, shirtless pics.

  3. i never got this guy’s appeal.
    then i watched disturbia and fell in love.
    he is very sexy, it doesn’t translate always on magazine covers but on screen, he is sexiness personified.

  4. I think Shia a good actor and he does have a certian 1950 appeal but the whole suit thing just does not work for him…….

  5. He’s cute, I had no idea some of his fingers were broken off in that accident. Poor baby, but he seems to be doing well now.

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