Sex Story: Turning Straight Guys Gay Through Chemistry!

Drugs have a funny way of turning straight guys gay for a night. I found that out with a friend of mine one night not too long ago. We both threw down for some molly at this super trashy rave with the intent to hit that dancefloor and find some girls to fuck. Little did we know that by the end of the night we would be fucking each other!

It started when we were sandwiching this one girl. She was grinding her ass up against my stiff cock and making out with him while I explored her neck with my tongue. Looking back even she must have been off her tits on some kind of high. He grabbed my ass by accident and that gave me the idea to give his a squeeze in return. Pretty soon we were reaching over this girl to rub each other’s backs and bottoms.

After a while the three of us split up to dancing with other people but by then I just wanted to feel more of my buddy’s sweet ass. Once we left the rave I invited him and some others over to my house for drinks. Eventually it was just me and him up in my room and it was then that I asked him very politely if I could see his dick.

It wasn’t the best proposition but I don’t think he cared at that point he just wanted to pump cum into something. He shrugged, stood up, dropped his drawers, and to my surprise was already sporting a raging hard on! Without a word I got on my knees and started to suck his dick like the straw to a milkshake.

We took turns blowing each other for what seemed like hours until our mouths were tired. We resorted to jerking each other off. We wanted to cum but more than that it was like a competition to make the other cum first. We lay there side by side in 69 position, eyes locked with our mouths hovering over each other’s cocks.

He started to shoot first with a spurt that hit the back of my throat and I was soon to follow. We covered our faces in one another’s sperm and it was glorious!

Afterwards we cleaned up and he seemed a little embarrassed. I promised it would stay between me and him and I told him that he could crash on the couch if he wanted to. The next day we acted like nothing had happened and I kept my promise…until now anyways.



++ Images and Video courtesy of Men of Montreal


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7 thoughts on “Sex Story: Turning Straight Guys Gay Through Chemistry!

  1. Oh, please. Cut the crap. Who still believes this marketing strategy of “straight-guy-having-gay-sex?”. If your fairy tale is true, you had sex with a bisexual guy. Congratulations for your discovery.

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