Johnny Rapid Is Incredibly Cute In This

Major Johnny Rapid fan over here! Like so major that I’ve probably watched 100/131 scenes that feature him. I’d love to say that I’ve seen them all, but I haven’t … yet. There’s just way too much porn on the internet and not enough time to watch it all…

A lot of people don’t seem to be too impressed with’s Johnny Juice scene. The whole “trying to stay cool” while secretly being fucked behind a curtain or door thing has been done before. Who cares though? So what if it’s been done before? It hasn’t been done with Johnny.



We are happy to see Johnny try to keep his cool at his lemonade stand! And if you know Johnny like I know Johnny, you know that a big cock up his ass drives him absolutely crazy! I wonder if that’s what makes him so cute.




6 thoughts on “Johnny Rapid Is Incredibly Cute In This

  1. Another hysterical porn plot ruined by Johnny. He’s like the Kevin Costner of gay porn, I can’t figure out how he keeps getting work.

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