On Set: A Sneak Preview Of Colby Jansen And Jaxton Wheeler For Colby’s Crew!

I THOUGHT the peak of my porn blogger experience reached last summer. That’s when I was on set to watch several scenes being filmed for the sparkly new Colby’s Crew. My worship of Colby Jansen is a known quantity so seeing the burly beastmaster naked up-close and fucking out the brains of newbies…well, it’s was definitely a defining porn moment for me. (That ass…that beefy ass…practically in my face!) But I was wrong. The peak (so far, I intend on always climbing to new porn heights) was yesterday when I was there Colby filming with the wildly hot Jaxton Wheeler. If you follow me or the blog on Twitter, you probably caught a preview of this post. And a whiff of my horny insanity from being present for this.

Oh, and Colby is funny when he’s not ravaging ass.

They’ve filmed a couple of scenes before, but this…this is NOT the Valentine’s Day scene, let me tell. Being friends in real life, Colby and Jaxton had an easy chemistry that turned into something very different as shooting progressed. When they started making out and undressing each other, I felt very twitchy in my pants area. “Friends” became “fuck buddies” and “fuck buddies” became GRUNTING ECSTASY AND PUMPING COCKS AND THE MUSCLED LEGS OF THE FAIRLY TALL COLBY JANSEN FLUNG INTO THE AIR. Yep, that’s right. Colby bottoms in this one. And watching that big, beefy ass pumped firsthand, there are no words. There ARE pictures, though. AND VIDEO! (And you’ve seen the GIFs I’ve been sprinkling around. God, I love porn GIFS.) Ok, enough of my chatter (and frothing at the dick), here’s a sneak preview of this these two tremendously hot, beefy beasts slamming together for Colby’s Crew!

Michael Xavier

Photo Jan 15, 3 42 51 PM
Photo Jan 15, 3 51 21 PM
Photo Jan 15, 3 51 29 PM

Photo Jan 15, 3 55 23 PM
Photo Jan 15, 3 55 50 PM (1)
Photo Jan 15, 3 58 14 PM

Photo Jan 15, 3 59 44 PM (1)
Photo Jan 15, 4 04 21 PM (1)
Photo Jan 15, 4 06 07 PM

Photo Jan 15, 5 06 36 PM
Photo Jan 15, 5 09 42 PM
Look who popped in! The adorable Marko Lebeau! (He wouldn’t jump into the action despite my pleading.)

Photo Jan 15, 5 10 28 PM

Photo Jan 15, 5 19 27 PM
Photo Jan 15, 5 26 36 PM (1) (1)
Photo Jan 15, 5 26 42 PM (1)

Photo Jan 15, 5 27 59 PM (1)
Photo Jan 15, 5 42 51 PM
You’ll never guess how it ends!


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