Secret Sex: Louis Virtel

Don’t call Louis Virtel that “T” word. He turned twenty-five last month, and this is what he had to say about that development: “In the gay world this means I’m graduating from twink to nameless embarrassment”. He has a tendency to say funny, self-deprecating things like this. We like that quality about him.

He’s also not afraid to lash out about celebrities and pop culture. You think we were harsh for calling Madonna a “bitch”? You should hear what he had to say about her. Remember all the horrible things I wrote about Glee? Yeah, he ripped the show a whole new hole. A wide, gaping Ryan Murphy-sized hole.

Upon getting a glimpse of Virtel’s “Verbal Voguing” vlog series, occasional Manhunt Daily contributor Diego summed it up pretty well: “So he’s pretty much everything I hate about the gays, but I love him”. And there’s a pretty good chance you’ll love him too… Even if you’re scared he’d judge you if you ever met in person.

Also? You’ll want to have sex with him. Even if you don’t think he’s physically attractive. Trust us. We’re experts when it comes to shameful Secret Sex. Experts, we tell you!

– Dewitt

To watch Louis Virtel’s “Verbal Voguing”, follow the JUMP:

Episode 1: “The Immaculate Conniption”

Episode 2: “Desperately Gleeking Susan”

Episode 3: “Shanghai Surprise Party”

Episode 4: “Armenian-American Life”

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