Secret Sex: Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler, shirtless, half naked, You Don't Mess With The Zohan

Funny People is out this weekend, and I thought I'd celebrate by confessing my secret crush on Adam Sandler. Even though I can't stand the majority of his movies, I wouldn't mind having 50 First Dates with his crotch. And no, I wouldn't do him with that stupid Zohan wig. My crush has boundaries.

– Dewitt

For another shirtless picture of Adam Sandler, follow the JUMP:

Adam Sandler, shirtless, half naked, walking, paparazzi

96 thoughts on “Secret Sex: Adam Sandler

  1. uuuuh he looked really fat in Funny People. He use to kinda cute buthe got old and fat! I’ll pass…

  2. Never liked any of his movies, and hated him on SNL. He did look kind of hot in the Zohan previews, though. Maybe it was the whole Middle Easterner look.
    He’s got a nice enough body, but I think I’d have to gag him and maybe cover his head before I’d do him.

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