Have You Ever: Had Sex In A Pool?

Even if the weather hasn’t been very cooperative this year, summertime is made for going to the beach, hiking, fishing and various outdoor activities. It’s also a perfect time for having sex in or by the pool. Have any of you ever done it? Considering that I’m kind of a huge slut, I’ve done it a few times. Let me tell you about one of them…

It all started at the humble abode of one of my gentleman callers. He was rather excited about utilizing his recently unveiled pool, so we jumped in the hot tub for a little warm up first. After a little tonsil hockey and very heavy petting, it wasn’t very long until he was bent over the hot tub’s edge with a tongue licking his hole.

After spending a sufficient period of time with my face buried in his ass, he suggested we jump in the pool. And by “jump in the pool”, he meant that he wanted to get fucked on the deck. Unfortunately we didn’t attempt any awkward underwater blowjobs like they do in the pornos, but perhaps I’ll try that next time.

– Dewitt

3 thoughts on “Have You Ever: Had Sex In A Pool?

  1. I lost my virginity in a pool with a good friend of mine after a pool party that I threw for my fellow high school football team. He blew me as I sat at the edge of the pool then I hopped in and he asked me to top him. It was a great night and that was just the start of it.

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