Sean Cody: Lane Is “Tossed Around, Man Handled, Emasculated” By Nixon

When you’re a true versatile (like your faithful Manhunt Daily blogger), you know exactly for what Sean Cody’s Lane is looking.

We asked Lane what he was looking forward to today, and while eyeballing Nixon, he replied excitedly, “Getting tossed around, man handled, emasculated…all of the above!”

YES. I hear you, read you, and feel you, Lane! Sometimes you just want a dude to grab you, rip your clothes off, bend you over the sofa, and drill your ass like you’re both on an oil rig. There’s something to be said for becoming a submissive bottom, a fuck doll, a piece of meat to manipulated, used, and stuffed! And then tossed away like trash! Ok, maybe not the trash part. When I’m feeling like this, I want someone bodied like this Nixon dude to fill me up with his cock, splash his cum on my face, and then just leave me like that – a discarded slut.

The fun thing about versatile is that you can be Nixon next time. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.

Click here for more of Lane and Nixon.

Michael Xavier

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