Sean Cody: Gino Fills Blake!

Blake was one of the guys on Sean Cody I didn’t take to the first time I saw him.  But boy, that changed after I watched a few of his scenes.  He’s truly one of the best bottoms the site has ever featured. His latest update is with Gino, a talented top who makes full […]

It Takes Two! Sean Cody’s Asher DP’d

Sean Cody scenes have been hit and miss for the last few months, but when they hit, they hit hard!  Real life couple Asher & Deacon are back and spicing things up by bringing a 3rd into the bedroom.  Hector has great chemistry with the guys and you’d be missing out if you didn’t check […]

One Of My Favorite Sean Cody Dudes Is Now Shooting For NextDoor Studios

So, when I started this gig, I msged with the Sean Cody PR dude. And I mentioned Forrest. Forrest is a big, tall Southern drink of hot with an angel face and a BIG JIGGLY ASS. His ass is so stand-out that dudes would comment on it while they were banging and eating it! Witness: […]

Solo Artist: Sean Cody’s Zac

This is Zac. He has cool hair, and a big ole’ dick. And you get to watch him jerk off! Need I say more? Click here for more! – Michael Xavier  

Sean Cody: Do The Dougie

Muscle stud Dougie has a goal in mind, and that’s to fuck some guys on Sean Cody! That’s a fantastic goal. “I’m here because I heard that Sean Cody is looking for a few good tops!” I’d sign up but I’m too lazy. But first, he has to stroke that huge cock of his so […]

A Hole Full Of Cum: Sean Cody’s Malcolm And Manny

My favorite part of the scene description from Sean Cody is the last bit. “I just have this built up aggression in me, like sexual desire that’s ready to come out!” Manny confessed his itch for some more cock. Malcolm smirked, “I’m ready to release that out.” From the moment we started interviewing these horny […]

Sean Cody: Meet Israel

“Juicy, strong, durable.” Those are the words Israel used to describe his cock, and we were intrigued! Israel is a personal trainer, and it definitely shows! That muscular body, big dick and bubble butt of his all come together in perfect harmony, and no one is complaining about it! Sometimes I feel like telling Sean […]

Sean Cody: Jack And Cassian Play Ball

Sports are just blech to me. (Unless they involve spandex. If the dudes competing are encased in spandex, I’m in.) However, as the setup for a porn scene, it does the job. Sean Cody has Jack and Cassian get to know each other by playing a little basketball with each other. Cassian pantses Jack, so […]