Ryan Rose And Tommy Regan In Falcon’s “Code Of Silence” (With Annotations)

Meanwhile, out in the hot desert sun, Ryan Rose and Tommy Regan are on a military patrol.

This will probably be good cuz’ Ryan’s a porn superhero except his costume is nudity and his power is fucking.

Ryan takes it a step further and unbuckles his belt to pull his dick out of his fatigues. Tommy tries to ignore Ryan jacking off behind him and when Ryan asks Tommy to show his ass, Tommy refuses.

Don’t be such a prude, Tommy.

Ryan is the commanding officer and orders Tommy to remove his pants. Tommy obeys the order and bends over to let his superior officer rim his cute, fit bubble butt.

Why did I choose college over the military?

Tommy admits that the rim job feels good, and as it continues, it gets him in the mood for more action.

If you’ve never had your ass eaten, that’s a common occurence afterwards.

Tommy turns around to offer up his growing erection. Ryan can’t wait to get Tommy in his mouth and treats his subordinate to a nice long blowjob.

Now that’s the kind of leader our military needs.

All the sucking gets Tommy in the mood to take a taste of Ryan’s hard dick. He services the ripped stud on his knees until Ryan instructs Tommy to turn around.

Oh, I think I know what’s coming! I mean – “cumming.”

Ryan slips his big stiff rod inside Tommy’s tight ass and has his way with him as the muscled up military jock bends over to take it deeper inside his body. Ryan keeps a steady pace and uses Tommy’s perfectly fit form to get himself off. He pulls out and covers the military stud’s groin and abs with a river of white and creamy satisfaction.

I’m going to steal “a river of white and creamy satisfaction” for my porn blogger memoirs. Click here for more!

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