Ryan Rose Gets In Pheonix Fellington’s Ass

NakedSword’s latest is MXXX: The Hardest Ride. It’s a multi-chapter porn saga featuring all of your NakedSword favorites riding motorbikes. The chapter entitled “Layin’ It Down” features porn superhero Ryan Rose getting all up in Pheonix Fellington’s bouncy ass. These two make each other forget ALLLLL about stupid motorbikes. They need to think about more […]

Ryan Rose And Kayden Grey Fuck In Paradise

Argh, summer’s almost here and I need to get away from my desk of porn and get to the beach! (And find someone as hot as Ryan Rose or Kayden Grey to fuck in the surf and sand!) NakedSword has Rose and Grey in Tel Aviv, (“Kiss And Tel Aviv”) and they’re giving us “Cock […]

Ryan Rose And Ian Greene: Winner Fucks Loser

Guess who wins? Ryan Rose, of course! Duh, he’s a porn superhero. It’s the latest edition of Hot House’s “TKO Total Knockouts.” Rose takes on the scrumptious Ian Greene and handily defeats him. To be honest, I think Ian threw this match. Who wouldn’t want to get plowed by Ryan Frickin’ Rose: Porn Superhero? Hell, […]

Falcon: Ryan Rose Fucks The Stuffing Out Of Austin Carter

I’m really enjoying Falcon Studios’ “Hook’d” series. The premise is that one hot dude finds a usually even hotter dude online, invites him over, they fuck, and scene! Austin Carter happens upon porn superhero Ryan Rose online and you would have to be insane to not want that man’s naked body in your home. Because […]

Ryan Rose Gives Rod Peterson A New Kind Of Bicycle Seat To Sit On

Ryan Rose. Ryan FUCKING Rose. Ryan Rose might be from Krypton. That’s if Krypton was a planet that exploded sending a porn god rocketing to Earth to be adopted by a kindly porn studio. I’m not sure his body is real. I always feels sorry for the other dude in a Ryan Rose scene (unless […]

Ryan Rose Fucked By Topher Dimaggio In “About Last Night” From Falcon

You really only need this GIF of Ryan Rose getting his big porn superhero butt rocked by Topher Dimaggio to entice you into “About Last Night” from Falcon Studios, right? I sense that this latest porn epic from Falcon Studios is going to be the gold standard for porn epics to come. It stars, well, […]

Let Ryan Rose Convince You To Try Falcon Studios For $1.00!

Falcon Studios is 45! One of the longest-running gay porn brands in the biz is, let me type that again, 45! That’s a lot of gorgeous guys fucking each other’s brains out for your fapping pleasure! Consistency in fap material is chiefly responsible for their longevity. Take Ryan Rose for instance. He’s a sterling example […]

Here’s Ryan Rose And Wesley Woods Fucking

These two were destined to fuck. How did Falcon’s “Wild Weekend” series take so long to slap Ryan Rose and Wesley Woods together? When Wesley tosses Ryan on to the bed, and Ryan already has a big semi and they’ve barely touched, well, you know it’s going to be a good scene. Oh, and it […]