Ryan Darash Salutes America With His Body

Chris Evans probably won’t do a porn take-off on his Captain America movie, so we nominate Ryan Darash. We only have three pictures from his shoot by Yasmine Petty, but they’re so hot you won’t need any more. We pledge of allegiance to that bulge…. Enjoy boys!

– J. Harvey

Photo Credit: Yasmine Petty Studio

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30 thoughts on “Ryan Darash Salutes America With His Body

  1. Very very nice. Not overly sculpted or overly manscaped, but still beautiful. I’ll take two, please. 🙂

  2. hey kav all male models are sluts. and i want to lick his body till it shines. god he is hot

  3. Absolutely, positively fantastic photography with equally stellar contributions on both sides of the lense. Kudos, Yasmine Petty Studios and model Ryan Darash! KEEP’EM COMING!

  4. I dunno… Handsome enough guy but something about the photos look a little strange (ala Photoshop, maybe?)… Just sayin’…

  5. I knew Manhunt leaned towards the “I’m too young to remember anything that happened before the current millennium” set, but I hadn’t realized that nobody seems to remember it’s an insult to the flag to treat it this way. I’m hardly one of those “flag lapel pin” right-wingers who think that’s how you prove you’re patriotic, but even I’m offended by some porn slut draping himself with a U.S. flag as though it was simply some cheap costume prop. What a complete douchebag.

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