Russell Tovey Reminisces About the Arrowverse & His Historic Gay Kiss

Back in 2017, the queer Arrowverse fandom got an amazing bit of representation when The Ray (Looking and Years and Years star Russell Tovey) shared a sweet, lovely kiss with Captain Cold (Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller) in the Crisis on Earth-X crossover special. It was a very rare case of queer characters (who were both played by openly gay actors!) sharing an intimate moment of love on mainstream TV, and although the Arrowverse has had a lot of super-inclusive and queer moments since then, the scene still holds an important place in the history of LGBTQ+ superhero media.

“I think what (executive producer) Greg Berlanti does with all of those shows is, and they’re targeted mainly at young adults, kids, is that he’s made it so accessible and just real and what it is,” Tovey said in a recent interview with Digital Spy where he reflected on his role Arrowverse role. “And that’s really important because maybe I was the first one of that universe, but since then there’s been a lesbian and a trans character.”

“You’re seeing iconic comic book characters that so many people project onto, behaving in a way that you are maybe feeling. If your hero is having the same feelings that you feel for another man, then what an endorsement that is.”

Via Pride.Com

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