Random Question: Can True Love Be Found Online?

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Lately, I've been meeting several gay couples who claim they met "online". In my head, this loosely translates to them meeting on Manhunt, fooling around and suddenly realizing that they have a lot in common. Hell, that's how I started dating half of my boyfriends, and I'm pretty certain it's how I'll meet my husband.

On the other hand, it's quite different to meet someone in person and see where things go. What about relationships that begin solely online, in a situation where distance prevents the two individuals from meeting? I've heard tales of folks who have chatted for two months, fallen deeply in love and relocated to be with one another. It worked out for some people, not so much for others.

But let's not beat around the bush anymore, because we've got a big question to answer. Can true love be found online? Have you or anyone you know found love on the internet?

– Dewitt

27 thoughts on “Random Question: Can True Love Be Found Online?

  1. Two super hot guys in a passionate kiss….Thats what I’m talking about…As for finding true love on-line…well it hasn’t happened for me…yet…but we’ll see.

  2. I can see it happen, however it may take a long time to find a guy who wants the same thing, besides a quick hook up

  3. Hubby and I met online almost 18 years ago. It was the days before the internet really got going, on a Seattle gay bulletin board called “28 Barbary Lane”. Met in person at one of their monthly get-togethers, and have been a couple ever since.

  4. I met my boyfriend online and took it off from there. For a while we had a contest to see how profile visits we could attract to our respective profiles but eventually it got old and now we don’t have an online presence.

  5. Michael W if you missed my post the other day, i’d just like to reiterate that i luv it when you speak about your hubby. please don’t let other jealous bitter queens who can’t find anybody who wants to be their hubby, (thats why they can’t talk about a hubby) put you off speaking about yours.
    anyway yes i believe people can find love online, know a few people that have.

  6. I met my boyfriend here on Manhunt and we’ve been together almost 6 months now. Funny thing about how we actually met…. was on a date with a different guy one night who was total queen diva and I knew it was just not working. So after the date I went home to sulk and my now boyfriend- then random guy I’d been talking to on here- texted me and asked me to come over for a beer and we just talked- that was it- just talked for hours and really connected. And we’ve been together ever since. I’ve never felt more of a connection with anyone in my life. Thanks, Manhunt!

  7. dewitt maybe your husband is right under your nose so to speak. maybe you and andy should give it a go, afterall you are a “top” and andy sounds like a “bottom”.

  8. The real dilemma here is the obvious that a gay relationship has an extreme short half-life. What factors lead to the short lived relationship and why heterosexual relationship has a chance to last longer than homosexuals? Maybe we should take night classes from ladies on to keep a guy for a longtime.
    That being said, one can meet a long term partner online even though its probability is almost zero.

  9. Michael W – I met my husband online 15 years ago, and then at a local gay weekly social event, very similar to your story. We hooked up, then realized we had a fair bit in common (and were also quite different in some ways), and somehow made it work despite having hooked up right away.
    Now I suppose the next question is — do couples who meet and hookup online last longer than other couples, and do they continue to hook up online after they’re a couple?

  10. Course you can. You can also find it on one of those cheesy reality tv true love type shows. Except with the latter it’ll be harder to tell if it’s just a façade people are putting on. I personally don’t think you’ll ever know unless you meet the person face to face.

  11. There is no reason why it can’t happen. After all, where would most gays and lesbians meet outside of the internet? A vast majority would probably answer at a bar or other gay venue.
    The more honest the representation the more likely a “real” connection could occur. It is a bit like getting the sorting our of the way first (i.e., I only like red-heads or top guys over 6′ who are open to relationships, etc.).

  12. There is no reason why it can’t happen. After all, where would most gays and lesbians meet outside of the internet? A vast majority would probably answer at a bar or other gay venue.
    The more honest the representation the more likely a “real” connection could occur. It is a bit like getting the sorting our of the way first (i.e., I only like red-heads or top guys over 6′ who are open to relationships, etc.).

  13. I’ve never used Manhunt, but I met my bear online some 5 years ago. To my eye, he was not a mere hook up from the get go, and so we spent a long while just chatting as we sniffed each other out, but then we both fell head over heels when we first met face to face. Since then, we’ve settled in together & gotten seriously domestic, had a nice Californian marriage (twice even), and we now are raising a daughter- he’s the Daddy, n I’m the Poppa. It may have been an online connection, but we’ve both pretty much bet the bank on each other at this point.
    Online is no crazier a way to meet the love of your life than is any other- the venue is far less important than the intent of the hearts involved

  14. YES! I meet my partner, now husband on line 10 years ago. He moved to the Phoenix area from Maine to be with me back in 1999 and we moved to the Boston area last year so we could get married on our 10th Anniversary. We didn’t meet on MH, it was on a chat program called mIRC. It was great for us, and the main reason it worked out is that we were totally honest with each other and knew what to expect. I think the internet is a great place to meet someone.

  15. It’s just like asking if true love can be found in real life.
    Seems more a game of chance in all aspects.
    The right place, the right time, the right everything.
    I could be wrong, however it seems like Dewitt wants to settle down first monogamy and now love?
    Oy, and to whatever douche thinks I’m a “jealous bitter queens who can’t find anybody who wants to be their hubby”
    I’m not jealous of anyones love or as you stupidly put it “luv” I maybe bitter, though I am only twenty one why would I want to have a ugh “hubby” I’m not old enough to want that crap why should I?
    I just find it off putting because it me I utterly detest when even straight people say “wifey” or “hubby” If you feel I do not like it for some other reason just because it sounds stupid you are wrong.
    If you want to be a bitchy queen and call me out on my shit Alex feel free, though you might want to look at all aspects of things.

  16. I had a boyfriend of 10 years from a personals ad (before Yahoo made you pay for it!). And while it didn’t last a lifetime, 10 years was significant.
    And just recently, met my boyfriend of 2 months online (hookup site, not MH). Was supposed to be “one night only” but has turned out to be much more. Time will tell if its the real deal…

  17. Well, I think it can happen. About a year and a half ago I randomly started chatting with this guy and we’ve been chatting ever since. He is perfect for me in every way and we get along so well. The only problem is he lives in Mexico and I live in North Carolina. But, a few months ago, we met for the first time in California and in 2 weeks he is flying out here to spend Thanksgiving weekend with me.
    You can def find true love on the internet.

  18. I met my boyfriend 2 summers ago through craigslist, I think? I was 19 he was 17. We hooked up that summer…..a lot. I really liked him. All of the sudden he blew me off and stopped talking to me!!! I was pissed of course. 2 years later I saw he was online, i sent him an instant message. We hung out that entire summer, didnt even hook up once, lol he asked to be my boyfriend. I said hell yes. Im so in love with him! Greatest guy I ever met, he always apologizes too for ignoring me that summer, he says he was 17 and wanted to be a whore, lol. But yeah ummm its nice it worked out well. Its the greatest thing to have someone who you can call your best friend and be in love with.

  19. I dont want to sound too skeptic but i would like to hear from the other side of the argument, those who tried online dating and probably ended up disastrous. I was never been luck in online dating, most of the guys I met just wanted to have hookups and thats it. There has never been a connection nor expectations from online. But I met my partner offline and we have been together ever since.

  20. N this day age any thing is possible stranger things have happen. I beleave that love is most magical thing and what would be more magical than 2 fall head over heels n love with someone that u met here on manhunt ? BTW Alex u r so right about the 2 hot guys N the pic love 5: oclock shadows

  21. That is one of the hottest photos i’ve ever seen.
    I always used to be skeptical about online relationships. I still am about the ones where they spend years talking online due to adistance issue etc, those seem to never end.
    A lot of the online relationships i’ve seen haven’t worked and my own (met him through myspace) was just a guy who likes to manipulate guys to get things (he conned the guy he dated after me into putting neons on his car and other expensive gifts)
    Having said that someone else above raised a god issue that there aren’t that many places gay guys meet. I mean, sure, there’s the odd time where they might meet randomly, but it would mostly be through bars, clubs and the internet.
    I would not know the majority of my friends (and i seem to suddenly have a lot suddenly) if it wasn’t for the internet. Living in a small town its not like there’s a a bar to hang out in… except for every second thursday, but i wouldn’t even know about that had i not met a few guys online who told me all about this.
    So i guess what i’m saying is that to discredit all online relationships would discredit friendships that started online (and to do so, in my mind, would discredit any friends you made through that online connection- in my case i met nearly all my friends through one or two guys i knew online).

  22. Just a little end note, a close female friend of mine from highschool met her BF online (she was in Brisbane and he was in melbourne) and now they’re moving in together along with another friend of ours and another i know just married a pommy girl she met online, so it does seem that sometimes you can find love online.

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