Random Question: Can James Franco Pull Off A Unitard?

We were going to do a discussion post on the 2011 Academy Awards, including a list of the folks who took home awards last night. Then we realized you’re all fully-functioning adults who (hopefully) know how to use Google. You can look that shit up on your own time. Why don’t we talk about something interesting?

Like James Franco‘s penis! During the opening sequence with co-host Anne Hathaway, it was looking damn snug in the unitard he donned for their Black Swan spoof. As if that weren’t enough, he then proceeded to turn around and give us an utterly epic view of his spandex-clad ass cheeks. We died a little. In the best way possible.

But let’s get serious for a moment. What was your favorite moment from last night’s ceremony? Did you think Franco and Hathaway did a good job as the show’s hosts? And if you really want to queen out on us, who was rocking the best dress on the red carpet?

– Dewitt

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27 thoughts on “Random Question: Can James Franco Pull Off A Unitard?

  1. He didn’t appear to be packing up front, but that ass shot – HELLS YES! Any day he wants to wear a Spandex style piece of fabric on that ass?! YES YES YES!

  2. Only good thing Franco did for the ceremony… he was a total stoner and a bad contrast to Hathaway’s annoying, perky demeanour. Best dress? I liked Cate Blanchett’s except for the yellow beading at her neck, and Reese Witherspoon looked amazing. Worst dress for me was Annette Benning. Totally unflattering.

  3. did not watch the Oscars, but saw the opening credits clip….. he is very cute, and has a nice-to-normal body in the leotard (which I think/hope is making his package smaller)…. btw, I think the said nice-to-normal body is wonderful, the best possible…… natural….

    went to a Scissor Sister concert instead, and got to see the lovely Jake Shear’s body and hear his even better voice… had a great time, glad I made that choice =-)

    now looking forward to what Joan Rivers will say about the dresses on the Fashion Police lol

  4. Gotta say, when Franco turned around was the high moment of the night for me, thanks to Tivo, I got to study it longer.

  5. Franco sucked as a host. He was too dry and deadpan. Woulda been better to just have someone ELSE do the hosting instead of those two. I’m available for next year. I’ll make it fabulous.

  6. Whether or not you liked him or not on the Oscars last night doesn’t matter. He’s definately a hott and sexxxy guy…I’d play with him anytime, anywhere, anyhow I could get him.

  7. Let’s rephrase that. No, he shouldn’t pull off a unitard. I should be pulling it off him instead…

  8. James Franco in the unitard was by far the BEST part of the show last night. And thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to take my time to enjoy the sight and drool and fantasize a bit…

  9. me and my boyfriend watched and both drooled at Franco’s ass in the unitard….that was a def highlight of the show….the others are Robert Downey and Jude Law that split second moment on stage as they looked in each others eyes, then looked away quickly…hmmmm

  10. The first pic of him turned around (fourth down from the top, or third up from the bottom) you can get a pretty good outline in his reflection in the mirror. You can even click on the picture to soom in on it some more…

  11. don’t really care about the front. but from the back oh hell yeah. he’s got an ass to die for. He can pull that leotard off.

  12. I’m with Rob. The best moment of the Oscars was Kirk Douglas. I tuned in just when he was on stage and I instantly thought, “Ugh, another old man giving a boring speech at the Oscars.” But he flipped the script and started cracking jokes at Hugh Jackman and Colin Firth. I died laughing!!!! I missed the part where he commented on how gorgeous Anne Hathaway is. But I caught it afterwards and died laughing some more! He definitely was the best part of the show.

    But I like James and Anne co-hosting. They were funny. But they should always do that, get younger actors to host to appeal to the younger generations.

    I do have one question though…. WHAT THE HELL WAS JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND MILA KUNIS TALKING ABOUT???? I never got it.

  13. james franco is just one of those guys who just just shut up and look hot. He wasn’t a very good host and he seemed so HIGH, esp in the interviews prior to the actual shows.

  14. he looks refreshingly un-buff in the white uni – a bit like a TellyTubbie. can he pull it off? I’ll help him if he struggles..lick lick

  15. Well I wish James would PULL that off. That’s a sweet little body he’s got going on under there and he is a sexy fucker. He looks great in it but I’m sure even better out of it. THAT ASS!! I understand your little death.

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