iPhone Wars: Battle of The Towel Boys (Part II)

Believe it or not, the four men in the collage above aren’t headless torsos. We thought we’d add a twist to today’s edition of iPhone Wars by asking a simple question–how much of a difference does a guy’s face make? Tell us who you’d vote for based on the cropped pics above. Then tell us who you voted for after seeing the full shots. Is it the same person?

Whatever the case may be, it’s been a long time since out last Battle of The Towel Boys, so we’ve gathered up four new contestants who are rocking a towel on their waist. Which of these guys makes you wish the towel were on the floor? Show some love for your favorite competitor in the comments section!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Guys With iPhones

To check out the full pics and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:





31 thoughts on “iPhone Wars: Battle of The Towel Boys (Part II)

  1. If B or D don’t win this there is no need to vote anymore….both show incredible bods, perfect towel placement and if you use your imagination a lot of potential! A is a cutie indeed, just not AS good as the other two. And just because C has his draped to pube level doesn’t mean its a better shot or a hotter guy. I voted for B — great bod!!!!

  2. B, for sure! He’s got he best body by FAR, and a cute face to boot (though I wish we could see more of it. Loved the smirk on A’s cute face, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Tough choice for me… while ‘A’ is my type (all twinkish & whatnot, lol) ‘B’ has the best body & is handsome to boot!

  4. I must admit that based on the headless pics I immediately gravitated toward contestant D. Once the heads were in play I immediately eliminated D. Mr. B is definitely hot but he and C were out in the first round based on chest hair. That leaves young Mr. A. Smooth and apparently peppy but a tad too twinky for my taste. However, if the fate of the planet rested on my having to mack with one of these gentlemen it would be the studly Mr. B to save the world.

  5. LOL

    Thought A and D were going to have cuter faces by just looking ate their torsos. Went for C at the end because of the full package ^^

  6. si alguien conoce al chico de la foto “B” diganle que estoy enamorado de el jajaja q me pase facebook o msn jajaja el mio es…(aj_capri_@hotmail.com)

  7. I voted A but had to really make a decision between him and B. A makes me want to be a strong power top and B makes me wanna melt into a submissive bottom bitch. I’m not surprised that all 4 are somewhat close with no breakaway leads yet, they’re all outrageously sexy. Maybe it’s the magic of the towel…

  8. contestant “B,” of course.

    this guy got my vote, today.

    honourable mention to “D,” whom i’d like to see bottom for “B.”


    (oh yeah: i was drawn to “B”‘s picture first.
    which means, on this occasion, i was consistent.)

  9. I had to go with the guy who has the best looking body in my opinion…That would be “B”

  10. I was immediately drawn to C based on the cropped picture (love that hairy torso). However, I voted for D based on the whole picture because I liked his face better.

  11. I immediately went with D from the cropped view and voted for him BUT after seeing his face, I had to look back at the others honestly. It’s not that he isn’t attractive but there was the slight cause to pause before my life-changing celebrity-making vote was cast in stone. Still…ROCKIN bod.

  12. best face body and muscles of Zeus on the page is B – what are you colour blind guys?
    Or – well I won’t go there.

    I am colour blind, in a good way.
    And happy to know I don’t need vanilla in my Baskins Robbins’ list of flavor’s to be happy. A good man is hard to find, a hard man is always good to find! And that’s the
    inside first, outside – if it matches!

    hairy black pecs – I’m with king kong fantasy comes up real fast! Give him a rare twice in a life – 11/10 vote.

    Marriage material – and I’m not for gay marriage!

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