R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor

At 79 years-old, legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor passed away this morning. To call her a “gay icon” would be an understatement. Beyond her beauty, talent and many marriages, Taylor was instrumental in spearheading the development of the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR), after the death of fellow actor and friend Rock Hudson.

We’d like to take a break from the usual stream of naked men and superficial news to reflect upon this incredible woman’s life. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts, or head over to our Facebook page to join the conversation that’s already in progress.

– Dewitt

To check out one of our favorite (of many) Liz Taylor scenes, follow the JUMP:

18 thoughts on “R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor

  1. She was a ground breaker, an icon, a true Legend. Virginia Woolf is the greatest acting I have ever seen by a female. She single handily changed America’s turning a blind eye and fear on people who have HIV. She was the original tabloid queen LOL, all the child stars that came after her couldn’t begin to live her life of excess and redemption. She was truly one of a kind. Thank you Elizabeth, I will always remember and love you.!

  2. A remarkable beauty, an extraordinary talent, and an unrivaled ally to our community.

    We have suffered a loss today.


  3. I was quite shocked to hear the news this morning, and tearfully write the following.

    The gay community has lost a true icon, a woman who fought for us, while giving unconditional love, and the Hollywood community has lost a real movie star, with so few left.

    I lived in LA for over 20 years, saw and met so many celebrities, but unfortunately never saw or met Elizabeth, my biggest regret. ๐Ÿ™

    RIP, my dear Elizabeth, you will be missed.

  4. The last and perhaps the greatest of the Golden Age stars has left us… her light will never fade away.

  5. It is a life well lived to have made such great change in the world and influenced so many. A great talent, beauty and inspiration. She will be missed and remember by many.

  6. I was just watching “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” this past weekend and was thinking how gorgeous and classy she was.. she was literally the last of the great Hollywood female icons…its sad that she’s gone

  7. I feel a great sense of personal loss, somehow, in her passing, as she dominated several decades of my life as one of the world’s most public personalities and biggest movie stars. She was “the original celebrity.” Maybe she was not the greatest actress ever, but her monumental performance in “Virginia Woolf” makes up for all the duds in her career, and of course she will always be remembered in “Cleopatra” and “Butterfield 8,” “A Place In The Sun,” “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof,” “Suddenly Last Summer,” and several other iconic roles. And I always loved her in “Elephant Walk.” She was one of the world’s greatest beauties, the original “femme fatale,” one of the world’s great humanitarians and champions of gay rights, and I will miss her.

    Thank you, Elizabeth, for enriching my life in so many ways.

  8. My heart broke a little this morning when I saw that she had passed. She leaves behind a legacy of style, sophistication, compassion and beauty. I hope that other celebrities follow in her footprints and really use their status to bring awareness to important issues the way Elizabeth did. I’m sure she will be deeply missed in this realm and welcomed with open arms into the next one.

  9. I hate to be the wet blanket here, but everyone should know by now that those worthless low-life, scum-sucking, bottom-feeding miserable excuses for human beings known as the Westboro Baptists have announced that they plan to protest the funeral and/or the memorial service. Why couldn’t that Japanese earthquake have opened up beneath their “compound” and swallowed them whole?

  10. From all the gay men that you helped in your life, whether they are still with us or gone. Heart felt thanks for your courage, tenacity, friendship and support. RIP God knows you deserve it.

  11. I personally think the gay community owes a GREAT deal of “Thanks” to Elizabeth Taylor. She was one of the first major celebrities to openly come out in support of the gay community during the onset of the AIDS crisis. A lot of younger guys don’t know this, but there was a TON of hysteria and hatred and fear at that time (mid 1980s) and I have always thought that her openly coming out in support of Rock Hudson and others made a HUGE difference in terms of public acceptance of gay men and a rational approach to HIV. It was only 20+ years ago, but it was a very, very, very different time.

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