R.I.P. Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy, dead at 32, cardiac arrest

You've probably heard by now–Brittany Murphy died yesterday morning after going into cardiac arrest. The actress, whose breakout role was as Tai in 1995's Clueless, was only 32 years-old. Full details on her death have not been revealed, but some sources claim that she had flu-like symptoms and was vomiting prior to collapsing in the shower (where her mother found her). 

An autopsy will be performed today. Brittany's husband Simon Monjack didn't want the autopsy to happen, prompting speculation that he was somehow involved or responsible for her death. "A lot of prescriptions" were allegedly found in their house.

We know we're late in posting this, but I was curious to hear your reactions to this news. When my neighbor told me yesterday, I didn't even believe him. Some people are writing off her death to drug use, others are remembering Murphy's potential music career and I'm sitting here quoting Clueless lines like nobody's business. How did you feel when you heard?

– Dewitt

17 thoughts on “R.I.P. Brittany Murphy

  1. I actually was in the process of watching “JUST MARRIED” when the news feed posted on Yahoo yesterday. Kind of an odd thing to happen but it is still all too bad for anyone to be gone at such a young age,

  2. I was very sad to hear of her passing. I loved her in Clueless, and her character was the only character I could stand the last few seasons on King of The Hill. It is tragic that she was taken so young.

  3. Horrible tragedy for a young person! I was told by a nurse today they believed she may have been anorexic…….a tradegy nonetheless when you hear of these Hollywood stars who die when they are at their best…. God…rest her soul.

  4. How can not wanting your deceased wife’s rib cage split open, skull sawed in half and brain placed on a scale (among many other things) prompt speculation of some sort of guilt?
    Some people are not into desecrating the body. Regardless of weather the cause of death is known or not.

  5. I was really devastated when I heard this. She seemed like such a sweet girl. But after Clueless she let Hollywood get in her head which is easy to do. Had a nose job and developed an eating disorder. So very tragic to lose her at such a young age. She seemed like such a sweet free spirited girl. She will be missed. She actually did a lot of really cute indie films a few years back. Ramen Girl and a few others..I recommend looking up her credits on and check out some of her films. R.I.P Brit.

  6. Probably another over medicated celeb. They’re dropping like flies. Suddenly stardom and celebrity status doesn’t seem so enticing.

  7. Im gonna miss this bitch…….she made me laugh so damn hard as Luann, I dont get bothered AT ALL by celebrity deaths, but hearing about Brit did hit me with a bit of saddness. Im 23 and a BIG fan of King…. laughed to it half my life. I wish her family well.

  8. What a loss!!! She had an awesome voice and I was listing to “Faster pussycat” yesterday when I was running! Then to here she had passed it was freaky. RIP Brittany!

  9. Poor Brittany probably just got mistaken for Britney by the powers of the universe and was accidentally taken out of order.

  10. @louie don’t be a dick.
    I was really sad when I first heard it. I hoped it was just some mean joke. So many celebrities died this year and Brittany is one of the only ones that mad me sad, as well as Bea Arthur. R.I.P.

  11. Hearing about this was such a shock and very sad. She was such a great actress and talented singer too. She was so good at potraying many different types of characters. I was really looking forward to seeing her in the second Sin City which has been in development for years, but sadly I guess her character will be recast.
    RIP Brittany Murphy

  12. I saw a picture of her looking truely elegant reminding me of a Hollywood that many would say is long gone …..
    RIP Brittany 🙁

  13. was so sad when I heard this. one of the most underrated movie star of our time. Such a diverse and dynamic range of characters she was able to act out. I’ll always remember her stunning performances in Spun and Girl, Interrupted.

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