Quickie: Victor Ross

Victor Ross somehow managed to become 140% hotter than the last time he graced the pages of Manhunt Daily. Is it the haircut? The experience he’s gained from another year in the modeling industry? Hard work at the gym? We’re not going to dwell on it too much. Thinking is for the brain inside your head, and these pictures are for the brain inside your pants.

Speaking of which, if the picture above’s any indication, Victor looks like he’s packing a decent amount of, er, knowledge in those briefs…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Jenn Hoffman

Click through for more pictures of Victor Ross:

Bonus shots, from other photographers:

15 thoughts on “Quickie: Victor Ross

  1. oh man in the third to last picture… If he isn’t sickling or anything those are some amazing ankles and feet!

  2. outstanding photos –   sexy and leaves  your imagination open to explore  the rest.  I  must say  my  mind was in the  gutter and  I   loved  the images I thought of!!!!      Very very  nice!

  3. Awesome looking guy, tho’ it seems to depend somewhat on the photographer/photo. Love the one with the dog – very atypical, totally charming. This kid’s got a good personality and great eyes to work with.

  4. This gorgeous man brought me back to life after seeing those disgusting overweight bears. LOL

    Victor Ross is a hot man and men like him should be displayed on Manhunt, not disgusting bears.

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