Quickie: Scott Godgluck

While doing “research” for last week‘s Quickie post, I stumbled upon yet another man over forty who gave me a total eye-gasm. His name is Scott Godgluck, and we have both good and bad news regarding his sexuality. First, unlike Seth Mitchell or Ben Pamies, he’s definitely playing for our team. As for the bad news? He has a husband. They’re shacked up together in South Africa, far away from my penis… Which is probably for the best.

Otherwise, I’d be showing up unannounced on their doorstep, urging them to hire me as their pool boy. Seriously! I used to be a lifeguard, so I know all about checking chlorine levels and stuff. Um, yeah. And did I mention I have several years of experience servicing and getting serviced by gorgeous older men? Because that’s a pretty important qualification too.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Beefcake Art

To check out more pictures of Scott Godgluck, follow the JUMP:

102 thoughts on “Quickie: Scott Godgluck

  1. Like you had to look him up and he has so many sexy moments and watched him body build wow super hot man!

  2. A good friend of mine for many years, such a sweetheart.  You’d have a hard time showing up on his doorstep though – he just moved to South Africa to be with his new husband.

  3. Wow, a real man OVER FORTY!!!!! Manhunt you need to feature these guys more often please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We all like to look at the younger guys with the fit bodies etc, but HE is a real man, just wish I could meet a guy let alone one like Mr Godgluck………..
    He’s just heavenly

  4. See-through mesh briefs are made for junk like his.  The man has it coming AND going!  Thank you sir!

  5. Except for the third pic after the jump, he looks incredible. Lucky chap that is married to him!

  6. In the words of the late Amy Winehouse,  “I say . . . no, no, no.”

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