Quickie: Samir Goulart

Please utilize this opportunity to inhale deeply, because it won’t be too long before Samir Goulart‘s taking your breath away. Although this hunky Brazilian isn’t exactly new to the modeling industry, we just caught a glimpse of him last week. Ever since, we’ve been waiting to share him with you!

If these photos aren’t enough to whet your appetite, you can head over here for a peek at Samir’s ass. He’s definitely got some scrumptious butt cheeks, and it’s a shame there aren’t more pictures! I suppose we should just keep our fingers crossed that there’s more to cum…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: MODELS BY DIDIO

To check out more pictures of Samir Goulart, follow the JUMP:

492 thoughts on “Quickie: Samir Goulart

  1. Reminds me of a young Rupert Everitt. Very hot! The only reason I’d kick him out of bed is to fuck him on the floor.

  2. There have been better looking and better built guys on here a lot. But he seems to have a personality that really gets your attention, and it isn’t just the smiles (for a change). I have a feeling I could like him a lot. And that other people will too.

  3. I guess it’s decided that we like guys who smile — and I agree. But why is he so happy to discover hiw foot?

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