Quickie: Ryan Holbert

Ryan Holbert

I'm not sure what kind of sport involves shorts that hang this low, striped socks and guys this hot, but I want to join a league for it immediately. If I ran into either of these hotties, there's no way in hell that I'd be paying attention to the balls in their hands. Unless, of course, their hands were down the front of those aforementioned shorts.

Who would you rather between these? If you answered "the one on the right", then you're in luck! His name is Ryan Holbert, and we've got a few more sexy shots of him. Click through and get your whack on!     Or if you'd prefer, call us "whack" because you don't think he's hot. The choice is up to you, my friend.

– Dewitt

For more photos of Ryan, follow the JUMP:







200 thoughts on “Quickie: Ryan Holbert

  1. I would definitely take the one on the left over the one on the right. The only thing I like hairy is legs, and mmmm he’s got them

  2. Ryan is definately a good looking guy, but i have to go with the guy on the left…darker ones seem to work better for me

  3. Completely agree with daddycentaur, Ryan is hot and I’d be lucky to sleep with him, but the guy on the left has my undivided attention between the two.

  4. i think he looks like a bad boy, quite cute actually wrap him up with michael fitt, dip them in honey and have them sent to my room please

  5. Ryan is extremely hot. I would totally pick him over the other guy
    ( he is also hot though). How can I meet Ryan?

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