Exclusive Interview with Jeff of STR8Cam

We can now officially say that we’ve given Jeff from STR8cam an erection. In our interview with the webcam hottie, he got pretty riled up when we asked him to describe his ultimate sexual fantasy. Unfortunately, the fantasy didn’t involve us. He wrote us an epic story about having a threesome with two chicks, and it’ll surely put a smile on the faces of those of you who are bisexual, bi-curious or can even stand looking at a vagina. More likely, it will put a boner in your pants.

Jeff may have talked about his wife and her lady-parts, but don’t let that discourage you from reading this. The two of us chatted about a lot more than that, including equal rights, his cock and his ass. And did you honestly care about anything besides the latter two?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: STR8cam

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To start off, thanks for sending over the STR8cam jockstrap! I actually got fucked by a straight married bud of mine while wearing it. How does it make you feel that my cum is now encrusted on a cartoon version of yourself?

No problem. I wanted you to have one of my STR8cam Jockstraps. I’m glad it fit you perfectly and that you and your straight married bud really enjoyed it. You got it just in time… Literally!

Some of our readers don’t believe you’re actually straight, but we’d never doubt it! Even so, we can’t help but ask–have you ever had a fantasy about being with another man? I’m sure you’ve had plenty of offers!

I’m straight, married and have been happily jerking it solo on my site at STR8Cam.com now for 10 years. I have been married since May 2009, but have been with my wife/fiance/girlfriend now for almost 6 years. Time sure does fly

Sorry, but I have never had a fantasy about being with another man. Yes, I have had lots of offers. Especially people asking me to make videos with them all the time.

But let’s just say we’re trapped on a desert island together. There’s no hope of making it back to the mainland, yet we have all the other tools for survival. You’re desperately horny. Would you ever break down and sleep with me? Or would you live the rest of your life doing nothing but masturbating?

I love cumming, and I love jerking off. There is just something about wrapping my hand around my dick and making myself cum that I just can’t get enough of. I’m always horny, and I love to masturbate.

Let’s talk more about your wife. What does she think of the site? Does she ever watch your videos?

My wife is open and understanding about my STR8cam website. She knows that I only do solo jerk-off shows from our home, and she’s cool with it. She never watches my videos. She gets me whenever she wants me and has no reason to want to see my shows. Sometimes she helps me pick out props or helps me setup my shows to make them more unique. Like for example, for my “Happy Halloween” show, she picked out the pumpkin I fucked.

Are the two of you completely monogamous? Or do you ever invite a third party into the bedroom?

Yes, we only have sex with each other. My wife is great in bed. She loves anal, and I love to pound her ass. There are sooo many positions, and we try to have sex everywhere in our house. We have sex in the garage, in our cars, on our pool table, on our washing machine, our stairs, anywhere! She gives good head too. Damn, I’m hard now…

A bit of a topic change… We read that you’ve served in the military. What do you think of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy?

Yes, I was in the Army for 5 years. To me “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is an equal rights issue. Regardless of whether you are gay, bi or straight, you should be able to serve in the military and shouldn’t be banned from anything.

While we’re talking serious matters, how about same-sex marriage?

I’m for same-sex marriage. I think everyone should have equal rights. Bottom line. We should all be able to marry whoever we love.

We’re done being serious for now, so how about you describe your wildest sexual fantasy?

Don’t tell my wife… Assuming I was “not” married, my wildest sexual “fantasy” would be that I’m at the gym working out hard, and I just got off the treadmill. I’m hot and sweaty, so I take off my shirt and just keep my tank top on. This hot chick with a killer booty is checking me out (I’m an ass man, remember). I’m looking at her fine ass thinking about the best way to tear it up. I love doggystyle, and I’m thinking about tapping that ass but I don’t approach her like she might expect. Instead, this other hot girl from across the gym walks over and starts talking to me. She says she has seen me before somewhere but can’t remember where. I introduce myself and say that my name is Jeff. She instantly remembers that she saw me at STR8cam and now she wants to fuck. So we start heading for the door and “booty girl” sees me leaving so she comes running around the corner. I’m thinking, “Fuck, this is awesome! I’m going to have my first threesome!” I open the door to my car and booty girl gets in the back seat. The other chick gets in the front. I put my car in drive and start racing home. Booty girl reaches up front and starts playing with my cock. This other girl sees it, and since she’s sitting up front, she unzips my pants and starts sucking on my dick.  Booty girl is jacking me off with one hand while this other chick is giving me the best blowjob I’ve ever had. I’m trying to keep my car on the road, swerving a little but nothing dangerous. I’m driving faster ’cause i’m getting close. Booty girl starts stroking me harder and this other chick starts sucking me off even deeper. I’m about to shoot a huge load, and I can’t wait. My dick and balls get tight, and I cum hard. I made this chick gag. She swallowed most of my load and cleaned the rest up with her bra. I’m still so fucking horny, so I ask booty girl to cum sit up front while the other chick goes and sits in the back. Booty girl is so fucking wet, her panties are soaked. She only got to jerk me off and now she wants my dick. I’m still lubed up with cum, and her pussy is so sweet and juicy. I’m rubbing it, playing with it and my dick is still rock hard. So she pulls her panties to the side and backs her ass up on me. I want to butt fuck her so bad! I play with her ass for a second, and then I squueze my throbbing cock into her tight little butthole. Fuck! It feels so good. This chick has a fucking tight ass. I’m loving this booty! I can’t get it in all the way, but damn I’m trying. Her ass is delicious, and I want it all. I put my right hand on your [Editor’s note: Freudian slip?] butt and I start pushing down on her rump a little while I’m thrusting up buttifucking her. I’m almost in all the way. My cock feels squished, and I’m loving it. She is moaning so loud, so good, so crazy. She can’t handle it. I can’t handle it. I’m about to cum, this booty girl is working my dick soo good. I put my fingers in her pussy, and I start finger fucking her. I want her to cum while I cum in her ass. I’m going to shoot my nut any minute! I just can’t handle all this ass. I’m all the way inside her butt now. It’s soo fucking good and soo fucking tight! I’m fucking her ass fast and hard. Hard as I can while driving. I’m forcing my forearm down on her backside so my dick stays in her hole while I shoot. I don’t want to pull out now. I thrust harder. She moans, I moan, I cum. I’m still cumming. So much cum, I’m filling her ass up. I stay inside her, I don’t want to give this ass up. Finally she gets off my dick, I pull my fingers from her pussy. She came. I came. I loved it. I’m spent. I came soo hard, and it was soo good. I’m never missing the gym again. Damn! I’m definately going back tomorrow!!

You have one of the most amazing asses on the planet. What do you do to keep it in such tip-top shape?

Sorry, no more questions. I still have a rock-hard fucking boner, and now I have to jerk off real quick before bed…. I’m back. My ass? To keep it in tip-top shape, I often use the stairmaster stair stepper. It works the best! I also do lunges. Those two work great, and you get quick results too.

Speaking of that ass, have you ever had it licked? Ever stuck anything in it?

No. I never stuck anything in my ass, and I never had it licked before.

Damn, now you’ve got me hard. I’d offer to help with that, but I know you wouldn’t be into it! Let’s change the topic before I cum in my pants… In your arsenal of sex toys, which is your favorite?

I love sex toys. My favorite ones are my Vibro Fleshjack, my Tenga lip service, my blow up doll and my Jenna Jameson fake pussy and ass.

Do you like the taste of your own cum?

I never tasted my cum before.

Seriously? I thought everyone has! Well, how many times can you cum in one day?

When I was younger my girlfriend (now wife) and I would have oral sex, pussy sex and then butt sex. Then I would jerk off after she went to bed. I would say I maxed out at about six times cumming in one day. Sometimes seven. Now, it’s about three.

Out of all the cam shows you’ve done, which has been the best?

My favorites are the ones where I get to fuck things. I have 5 different FleshJacks, and I love to fuck them on cam. I had a really great show where I fucked a blowup doll. That show was called “Bachelor
Party”, and it’s available for download just like all my videos are. Also, my bed shows are really good. I would say my best show was when I fucked my Jenna Jameson fake pussy and ass toy. Damn, that was fucking good!

What’s the craziest letter you’ve ever received from a fan?

I don’t often get crazy emails or letters. Most of the messages I get are like “Thanks for doing camming”, “Thanks for doing STR8Cam”. I would say that my craziest letter was when I was offered a few thousand dollars to meet someone for dinner. They basically said it would be nothing sexual, they just wanted to act as if we were dating and that I was their man. They wanted to have like a date day and take me to the movies, dinner and wherever I wanted to go. They wanted to show me off to their friends, family and introduce me as their boyfriend. That was pretty crazy! I had to be careful on how to write them back, just in case they were really crazy or a stalker or something.

What’s your favorite part of running STR8cam?

Getting to know everyone! Sure, at STR8cam I jerk off and cum. But it’s way more then that. STR8cam is not just a porn site, but a personal website where my fans/members get to know me and I get to know them. I have had some members join my site over and over again, month after month and year after year. I know many of my fans by real name, not just screen names. I know their birthday, and they know mine (April 20th). Every year at STR8cam, I open up birthday gifts on cam for them. I schedule my shows around them and what they want to see. Every week I meet new people on Twitter and my blog. I personally answer each and every single email, every message… everything. I’m a people person, and I love hanging out with my online friends. I think that’s the best part of STR8cam. Also, cumming! Two loads minimal times, fifty-two weeks in the year times ten years equals massive loads of nut busting cum.

Thanks for this interview. I especially had a great time telling my ultimate fantasty. See you online at STR8cam and on Twitter.

7 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview with Jeff of STR8Cam

  1. 10 years and still just jacking off? I’m convinced now. He’s straight. Though I have no intention of ever paying to see him, he’s very hot! Seems very articulate and an all around good guy. Explains why he remains popular in such a competitive industry. I’ll keep looking at his pictures as long as you keep posting them.

  2. when are you interviewing elijah and mojo?
    and when do we do the gangbang interviews again.
    that aside good interview dewitt you managed to get to the “bare necessities” pretty quickly

  3. Str8, gay or anything N between he is FUCKING HOT and if he still looks this good 10 yrs from now I am sure his site will still be going strong !!!

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