Quickie: Jeramy Buchanan

Are you a fan of thick, powerful legs? Then you’re going to love Jeramy Buchanan. As soon as you lay your eyes on his tree-trunk thighs, it’s quite possible that you’ll bust right out of your pants. Of course, that’s not the only part of his body worth looking at!

From head to toe, this guy’s an impressive slab of beefy goodness. Some of you may be disappointed to hear that he’s only 5’6″, but that only turns me on even more! After all, you know how I feel about shorter men

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Derick Favors

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31 thoughts on “Quickie: Jeramy Buchanan

  1. 1. I do not not know what NAO means.
    2. You really need to trust a guy before he pounds your ass?
    3. Hope is good. Being tiny is not. Ask Vernon Troyer.
    4. There is only one Adonis and I am sure that he is not happy.
    5. Get your eyes checked.
    6. When you are over wanting to be inanimate objects, call me. Brad is such a white republican name but I am still turned on.

  2. Oh my god! Half a foot shorter than me. I would feel so hot if I had this shorty fucking me. I love being dominated by smaller guys.

  3. ok I’m losing my breath looking at the one with the scarf! He’s amazing! insta-jizz is what I’ll call him. Although I think he’s the first guy that I’ll complain about the tattoos, I just think they are sort of lame, but who cares he’s got those lucious thighs and I want to hump them.

  4. I’m 5’5″ and can get more sex than I want. This guy’s legs would look real good over my shoulders. I agree on the tattoos – Glenda? The good witch?

  5. aww.

    jeramy is a hot little thug.

    i could just scoop him right up.


    ´grab his ass and push his throbbing cock all the way down to the back of my throat.

    i think he might like that.

    (unless Glenda wouldn’t improve.)

  6. I use to have a latin fuck buddy built like him same height and everything…we had wild crazy sex every time we hooked up. I’d do the same with him if Glenda didn’t mind watching.

  7. Don’t like his attitude face. He is too full of himself. There are plenty of guys out there better looking than him and with better bodies.

  8. I’d pick his lil ass up, throw him around & spin him on my dick & have him use those power thighs 2 throw that ass back at me when I’m hitting it from tha back…DAMN!!!

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